Love for a Nation

Laugh and dance while the sun is still up, for it will set in a fiery blaze. And when the day is over, there is no time for regret. So live, live in joy, and when all is set and done. Hope you smile and say, regret has never passed my mind.
- Lyra & Alice....
How do you love someone who has seen centuries of time pass? Every country knows what loss is, and most gave up on love... Can two musicians change that?

(Hetalia Fanfic!)


2. Well, we won


     America plopped himself down on the sofa chair, quickly undoing his bow tie, making exaggerated choking sounds.

     “Stop acting as if it’s the end of the world, you wanker.” England scolds America, while walking away to get his bright copper teakettle. Succeeding only in tripping on the way back, sending the kettle flying out. The American simply reaches out and catches it with his right hand, holding back a laugh.

     “Dude, you need to be more careful. Tea ain’t worth a face flat to the ground.” He tosses it back to the fumbling Arthur, barely catching the kettle.

     “Oh shut up! And I’ve told you time and time again, it’s ‘isn’t’, not ‘ain’t’!” He hurriedly sets the stove on high, while putting water in the copper pot. “I thought I had taught you proper grammar long time ago! Destroying the English language you prick!”

     “I’m not destroying anything, geez. Just make your tea and chill bro. We have to check out the votes to see who won later. Gosh, lots of bands showed up, even your little boy band.”

     “Boy band? Remind me which one?” The Englishman rolls his eyes and gently puts the silk tea bag in the boiling water, Yorkshire. Only the best for this country-person.

     “Oh ya know, the group of five that are absolutely gay as fuck, One Direc-”

     “Stop it! You know I think they’re too frivolous. Although they’re singing is quite good.” Sitting on the chair across from Alfred, England sips his tea. With just the right amount of milk and sugar. America, on the other hand, takes big bites of one hamburger after another. Munching happily while sipping coke. Just the right amount of ketchup.  A knock on the door interrupted the silence.

     “It’s open! C’mon in!” A man wearing a black suit pops his head in, putting up a hand signaling that they had only five more minutes until going on live television to announce the winner. “Alright man, let’s go!” America grabs his coat slung on the sofa chair and stuffs one more bite of his hamburger into his mouth.

     “What about your bowtie?” Arthur grabs the rejected piece of fabric from the ground. “You need it to look somewhat professional-, and you’re already gone...” The American had already run out of the small office and into the outside air of his capital. Washington D.C., where a large stage is set up for the announcement. England walking hurriedly behind him, fixing his own bowtie so that it won’t be crooked.

     The stage was set with a sleek black podium, for the hosts to read aloud from the envelope given, who won the international competition. Red curtains hung from the sides, simply for decoration. Lights filled the background, small led lights changed colors and swirled fantastic designs, pictures of the many bands, singers, songwriters and musicians alternate on the same screen. Each seemingly from a different corner of the Earth. Germany, France, Spain, America, Japan, and many more.

     “Hey world! It’s me Alfred again, Arthur get up here!” He waves over his older brother, while the camera captured the image and translators to the right went to work making sure their fellow people in their countries understand every bit.

     “Well, to begin, we would like to thank those of you who participated in the voting. Whoever wins has the majority vote to thank for!” Arthur smiles and takes the envelope handed to him. He rips it open and Alfred snatches it away from his hand.

      “Oh cool! Look who won, Alice and Lyra!” He waved the piece of paper around, while backstage, the lucky duo was being told to walk on-stage. “Hey! Congratulations on winning!”

     “Yea! So happy to have done something in my life!” Alice pumps her hand up in the air, simply too excited for her own good. While Lyra stood there awkwardly with a half-smile on her face.

     “Aw man that’s great! How does it feel to do something awesome?”  America bumps his fists with Alice’s, whose face is extremely ecstatic.

     “Well, this is exciting…” Lyra swings her hands by her sides, obviously uncomfortable with all the sudden attention. “So how does it work now? What happens afterwards?” She looks anxiously at Arthur, while being able to smile deceptively at the camera and answer Alfred’s little questions about “How do you feel about life?”

     Arthur took the microphone back from his annoying little brother. He sighed inwardly at the commotion he was creating; he needed to calm the bloody hell down.

     “To celebrate, there is going to be a party here at 10:00 PM. All participants of the competition are invited, and special guests are to have been invited so please RSVP if you haven’t already. Thank you and goodbye!”

     “Party!? Oh my gosh yes how exciting!” Alice jumps up with hands in the air, and then she whispers in Alfred’s ear. “There’s alcohol included in this thing right?” He winks and gives a thumb up, as if saying, of course, no party is complete without booze.

     Crap, a party… and seeing the look on Alice’s face, there’s going to a high chance of her getting drunk. Ugh, well look on the bright side Lyra. You won! Yea!!!

     It got a little quiet, and then Lyra realized she had screamed the last part out. But she just smiled and laughed, causing the rest to laugh as well. Tonight might be fun, awesome and great. Or a total disaster, like Alice destroying something and maybe getting some guys laid. But either way, it’s going to be epic.

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