Love for a Nation

Laugh and dance while the sun is still up, for it will set in a fiery blaze. And when the day is over, there is no time for regret. So live, live in joy, and when all is set and done. Hope you smile and say, regret has never passed my mind.
- Lyra & Alice....
How do you love someone who has seen centuries of time pass? Every country knows what loss is, and most gave up on love... Can two musicians change that?

(Hetalia Fanfic!)


3. Stolen Kisses

     “Alright! Truth or dare?” Alice swung her beer bottle in her hand, they had been at the after party for almost three hours. She’s wearing a short navy blue dress, tight from her hips up, and flowing down to above her knees. Her face blushed red as the alcohol started to take it’s toll, giving her the greatest idea in the world. In her opinion anyway.

     “Hahaha! Sure, I could take some excitement!” Alfred sat with a wump next to Alice. Hiccuping a bit due to his drunkenness, even though he’s under-age.

    “Ah-ah-ah!” She wagged her finger at the surrounding crowd slowly gathering in a circle around her. “My rules.” She turns to the crowd only recently known to her during the height of the party. She raised an eyebrow, checking their names off in her head as she scanned the faces. Umm, oh that one’s Gilbert, red eyes...that’s cool...Then Antonio, Feliciano, haha so much fun to say that name. Lovino, right but nickname is Romano. Francis, Matthew, such a quiet sweetheart my god. Then yeah, Alfred and Arthur. Where’s Lyra?

     “Alice, I’m not playing truth or dare like that ever again. Don’t even try to drag me in, let these poor fools find out the mess they’re gonna get into.” She stood in the corner with her arms crossed, an expression of pure stubbornness. She wore dark blue skinny jeans tonight, and a black tanktop. Nothing fancy, except for the multiple rings on her fingers. Some were single gold bands while others had diamond designs of keys.

     “Oh c’mon! We need one more girl and you know why. Get in here, succumb to the circle! Guys get her in!” Everyone started to cheer, some booed at Lyra’s adamant no, and a certain frenchman accompanied by a german started to drag her in and sat her down.

     “Stop being so unawesome! Vhatever zhis is, it vill be cool because I am here!” Gilbert pumped his fist, holding a can of beer, up in the air. While Lyra frowned and scooted closer to Arthur who was beside her, farther away from that maniac.

     “Oh be real Lyra, it can’t be all that bad.” The Brit lazily propped his shoulder on hers and laughed.

     Oh gosh, even this one’s drunk, I guess everyone is. Yeah, she took a quick glance around, and found that everyone was either red-faced, hiccuping, laughing for no reason, and all with booze of some kind in their hands. Just great...they might not even mind what’s going to happen next. And a shiver went up her spine.

     “Alright!” Alice raised her voice to catch everyone’s attention. “The rules are as followed! In this bottle,” She waved the bottle in her hand, now stuffed with bits of paper containing numbers. “Are random numbers from 1 to 10. I’m gonna give you one of these numbers from this other set here, and don’t you dare show it to anyone else or the game’s ruined!” She proceeded to pass around the ripped pieces of paper. She then got out a handkerchief, to act as a blindfold. “Now then, I’ll spin this bottle first, whoever it lands on has to put on the blindfold, pick a number out of the bottle blindly, show it to the rest of us, and then the fun begins. Whoever has that number that you pick out, has to kiss you. And I’m not talking like a peck on the cheek, this is a make-out session type deal. Then you have to guess who kissed you.” She crossed her arms and sighed in satisfaction at her own ingenious idea.

     She let the words sink in, and smiled at the horror-stricken faces of Romano, Arthur, Gilbert (Thought he was trying to console himself by muttering “Zhe awesome one is up for any challenge.” over and over again.), Matthew, and Alfred. And almost burst out laughing that no one else seemed too fazed by it, or maybe they were too drunk. Lyra was beside herself in terror, who would want to be kissed blindfolded by someone you barely know?

     “But what happens when you don’t guess correctly?” Antonio tilted his head in contemplation.

     “Oh, that’s where the dares come in.” She answered with a devilish grin.

     “Then what are we waiting for? Allons-y!” France sat up, intrigued by this game.

     “Then let’s go!” Alice took the bottle and spun it rapidly, hopping on her butt in anticipation. Lyra crossed her fingers and prayed to god it wouldn’t land on her. But when the bottle slowed and stopped, it pointed directly to her. Just my luck, my good-for-nothing rotten luck.

     She sagged her head and let Gilbert tie the blindfold over her eyes. She took the bottle and shook it ‘till a slip of paper fell onto her hand and presented the number to the rest. The expected hoots of laughter belted out. And yells of encouragement went to the designated kisser.

     “C’mon old man you can do this!”

     “Hahaha! Go for it!”


     “Just get it over with you bozos!” Lyra yelled out in frustration, my god what kids!

     “Oh damn it all.”

     Then she felt lips, soft and also a bit chapped. She tentatively started to move her lips along with this mystery person’s. She felt his hands on the sides of her neck, she slowly backed away, her body, but kept her lips attached to his. The room fell silent. He also backed away and she felt coldness, where warmth used to be.

     “Okay! Now guess!” Alice clapped excitedly and waited anxiously to see if she knew the right person. Lyra sighed and composed herself, the answer was easy enough.

     “It was, uh, Arthur.” She rips off the blindfold and throws it in the middle of the circle. Well I heard him mumble something before kissing me and he’s the only one with an English accent...

     “No way!” Alfred slaps his knees in shock and joined in the laughter. Everyone was practically rolling on their sides screaming with laughter, more out of being drunk than anything else. Except for Romano, he just got up and stormed over to the food table, muttering how immature these bastards were. And England, his face had turned redder than before and glaring at anyone and everyone.

     “That’s it! Settle down!” Lyra took the bottle and spun it, and except for some sporadic giggling, it was silent as they awaited who would be the next victim.  Landing on Antonio, the Spaniard jauntily tied the blindfold and shook out the number. He held it up, and as soon as he did, the whole room burst into tears and laughter.

     He felt someone coming closer to him, a strong scent of man. It’s a guy.

     He felt rough lips, and some stubble touch his chin. It felt.. weird. But not a bad weird.

     The person licked his bottom lip, opening up his mouth, they joined tongues and Antonio wasn’t sure how to react. How to feel. After a couple more seconds of this he felt him move away, and a small peck on his cheek.

     “Okay Antonio, it’s your turn to guess who that was.” Alice looked over to Francis’ direction and giggled, hoping to get some of that later.

     “Ummm, I’m not sure.” He thought for a second, who here had stubble? “Oh! Francis that was you!” he tried to point in the general direction of where the Frenchman was, but couldn’t see as he still had the blindfold.

     “Hon-hon! Correct mon ami!”

     “Then it’s my turn to spin!” he slides off the fabric covering his eyes, and spins the bottle. Landing on a very excited Alice, She hurriedly takes and ties the blindfold, and shows the number once shook out out the bottle.

     She starts to feel her heart beating. Yes, finally. Now I get to have some fun. She feels someone climb onto her lap and straddle her. She giggles and feels hands pushing on her shoulders to lie down, when she does, he takes her chin and lifts it up to his lips, kissing her softly but deepening it quickly. She reaches up to pull on his hair, hearing everyone cheer and clap as they witness this. Alice laughs and pushes him off of her, rolling back up to a sitting position.

     “Can I guess now?” and more cheers encourage her on. “Um, well. Gosh I don’t know.” She shrugs and takes a wild guess. “Gilbert? I honestly have no idea.”

     “Wrong!” And more laughter ensues, now the dares begin.

     “Haha! Alright then, whoever kissed me gets to make up the dare!” Alie rubbed her hands in anticipation. I’m too drunk for my own good but to hell with it!

     “Great!” Alfred grinned and started to brainstorm with those around him on what might be a good dare. After a minute or so, he took a final swig of his beer and groggily pointed at Alice. “I dare you to strip!”

     “What the hell? No!” Lyra waved her arms around in desperation. “Let’s not get naked!”

     “Relax Lyra, I’m only gonna take off my shirt, calm yo self.”

     “You are wearing a dress! You can’t just take off a shir- Oh my gosh am I the only sober one in here!?” She gestured angrily at the air out of pure frustration.

     “Vell you have a shirt, vhy don’t you take her place?” Gilbert put an arm around her waist, but only for a second before she slapped him hard across the face.

     “I. Am. Done. Alice c’mon, let’s go back to our hotel and don’t start whining.” She grabbed her small purse on the table nearby and started to storm out, but seeing as how everyone was drunk, she decided to be a bit nice. “Um, hey. Anyone need a ride back to their hotel? If you can’t get a cab of sorts?” Antonio, Gilbert, and Francis all raised their hands. The rest smiled and shrugged, saying that getting a cab would be no problem.

    Lyra sighed waved her hand along, dragging now four drunks to her car. Following the directions given by a semi-sober France, it was found that all of them were staying at the same Hilton hotel. In fact, so was everyone else, as they saw Arthur and rest dribble in by cab a little later in the lobby while just arriving.

     Fantastic, if only I could’ve met them under more sober circumstances...

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