Love for a Nation

Laugh and dance while the sun is still up, for it will set in a fiery blaze. And when the day is over, there is no time for regret. So live, live in joy, and when all is set and done. Hope you smile and say, regret has never passed my mind.
- Lyra & Alice....
How do you love someone who has seen centuries of time pass? Every country knows what loss is, and most gave up on love... Can two musicians change that?

(Hetalia Fanfic!)


4. Morning

      He sat in recording studio, reading “Prince Caspian”, the fourth book in C.S Lewis’ great series of Narnia. But a nagging headache kept him from reading, rubbing his temples he hoped it would soon go away. Slamming the book shut, he gave up on reading about     the last battle, and instead took up a cup of water and two aspirin he carried in his pocket. Checking his wrist watch, 10:30 AM, he sighs and continues to wait anxiously. Hoping the girls wouldn’t be late to their first recording.

     Finishing that thought, he heard footsteps climbing up the stairs, and one excited voice of a girl. He stood up and thought of opening the door to see if it was truly them, and if so, to greet them amicably. But two steps from the doorknob, it swung open revealing an ecstatic Alice.

     “Hi Arthur!” She proceeded to give him a big hug and gave the biggest smile he ever saw. No one could not smile back, and so he did, despite his headache only now ebbing away.

     “Hello Alice! How nice to see you again.” He returned the hug and nodded towards the soundproof section of the recording studio, where a piano waited for her. Lyra however, as excited as she was, walked in a minute later, rubbing sleep from her eyes. She held her violin in a black leather case, wearing the same outfit as last night. Because why bother this early in the morning?

     “Hey there Arthur, how’s life?” She waves quickly and smiles, yawning as she walked towards where Alice was warming up the piano. She sits on a high stool and proceeds to tune her violin, concentrating with her eyebrows slightly furrowed, with an almost angry expression. Arthur had waved back, but wasn’t sure how to talk to her. Does he say sorry for last night? Not mention it? Will she be angry or what? He didn’t quite know her enough to know how he should react. He, instead, just stood there and tried organize his thoughts into something understandable. Lyra looked up, not at him though but right past, pointing to her own cheek, she seemed to speak, but England didn’t hear anything.

      “Bonjour, you seem so zoned out it is ridiculous.” A Frenchman’s hand clapping down on his shoulder jolted him back into reality.

     “Oh, hello Frog.” Arthur rolled his eyes, and sat with a slump on the couch. He looked at who Lyra had begun talking with, it was Gilbert, with a band-aid across his right cheek.

     "Haha! If zhe awesome one couldn't handle a slap, I voudn't be here." He crossed his arms, referring to how Lyra’s anger had lashed out at him last night. When they had arrived at the hotel, the Prussian almost gave a shriek when he saw that his hand was smeared in blood. His cheek had been cut by Lyra’s ring, which she then promptly noticed was also slightly covered in blood. Needless to say, she felt apologetic.

     “Right.”She rolled her eyes and positioned the violin under her chin, playing out a few notes to make sure it was truly tuned.

     “Lyra! Focus! I wanna leave, maybe to go shopping!” Alice nudged Lyra to get her attention.

     “No, you are not dragging me to a crowded shopping thing later.” She glared at Alice and tapped her shoulder with her bow, impatiently telling Alice to get started. “Hey Arthur! We ready to start playing?” After a go-ahead signal from the Englishman, both girls proceeded to play out the same beautiful song listened to on yesterdays stage. Resulting in the same applause, except from a much smaller group.

     “Zhat’s pretty awesome!”

     “Beautiful musical talent!”


     “Yes, I agree-. Wait.” Arthur turned around and looked at the three sitting on the couch next to him, suddenly realizing something. “What are you three blokes doing here?” Exactly who invited them? Especially France!

     “We came to watch them before we leave!” Spain smiled incredulously and crossed his legs making himself comfortable on the red suede couch.

     "I'm sorry Arthur, was it a problem-" But Lyra's apology was interrupted by the instant bicker between him and Francis.

     "Oh, and I need your permission to come here? Last time I checked, this was Alfred’s studio.” The long-haired blonde shooed Arthur away with his hand.

     “That may be so, but he’s not here! So i’m left in charge!” England huffed and straightened his dark green bowtie.

     “Bold for someone like you to say, with horrible fashion sense and no sense of cuisine!”

     “Like your flimsy vest and striped shirt are in any way fashion!” He proceeded to grab Francis by said shirt and yell at him. “And what do you have against my food you twat!”

     “Ah-hon! Do not insult me! You nearly killed me last time I ate your lump of coal you call a crumpet!” He stood up and grabbed the collar of Arthur’s blue dress shirt, attempting to strangle him just as the Englishman was doing to him. “You cannot even fight correctly!”

     “Don’t mess with a former pirate you Frog!”

     “Enough!” Lyra and Alice screamed out simultaneously with Alice jutting Lyra’s violin case in between the battle, breaking up them up suddenly.

     “You,” Lyra pointed to Francis. “Say sorry for insulting him, do not object. And you!” She turned to Arthur with a frustrated irritated expression. “There is no need to strangle people! Apologize!” She stood back to Alice’s side with her arms crossed, waiting for them to start. But neither side gave out, both simply turned their backs on each other and crossed their arms in defiance.

     “Wow, such children. Thought you were supposed to be adults.” Alice rolled her eyes, adjusting her red skirt.

     “Pft, zhey’ve been like zhis since zhey met.” The albino stretched out his arms above his head, already bored.

     “You do get used to it.” Antonio shrugged and smiled, in fact, when was he not smiling through the entire incident?

     “Well, whatever. Did I hear right about you guys leaving? But we barely got to get to know you guys!” Alice sat next to Spain and pouted, but immediately gave a big smile as another one of her great ideas struck her. “We should totally do something all together today! Right? I mean, we already recorded the song, so why not?”

     Everyone showed approval of the idea, nodding and grinning. And suggestions as to where they should go started to form.

     “Ooo, how about the movies?”

     “But what movie? I didn’t see any good ones apparently come out.”

     “Nah guys, I already saw all of the ones out now. Oh, c’mon let’s go to the mall!”

     “Anything but that Alice!”

     “Well, how about a restaurant?”

     “Or a garden! Did you forget the museums as well?”

     “Laser tag! Somezhing awesome!” At Gilbert’s suggestion, Lyra’s head perked up, her eyes lit up and a big smile cracked wide on her face. And before another thought could be thrown in, she leapt up and in her excitement, banged the table with a fist.

     “Yes! Laser tag! We are doing that! Oh my gosh please, please, please that would be my greatest joy!” As the rest stood slightly in shock at her outburst, except for Alice, who after knowing Lyra for about 12 years, was used to this, she smiled grandly and shook her fists in anticipation.

     “Uh, uhm, i’m not sure…”

     “I’ll take that as a yes!” She disregarded Alice’s protest, and started to run towards the door to go outside. “Everyone in my car now! Let’s find a laser tag place on my GPS!” She opened the door and waited for everyone to start moving.

     “Ha-ha! Now zhis is becoming exciting!” Prussia started to walk towards Lyra.   “Let’s go guys!”

     “Alright! This will be fun!” Antonio followed close behind.

     “Hmm, and miss a chance to shoot Arthur?”

     “Ha! I’ll be the one with a higher score than you at the end!”  Thus beginning another small heated argument as they walked down the stairs.

     “Alright, alright. But I hope you know that i’m not the best at this.”

     “Oh I know Alice, Which is why i’ll beat you by a hundred points, again.”

     Laughing, arguing, and excited, everyone strolled towards what seemed to be starting as a simply fantastic morning.


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