Don't Let Me Go

Brielle never knew running away from her abusive mother would just lead to more and more drama. She's not a slut, she just can't help it. She's gullible. But what happens when her experiences turn her into a stone cold killer?


6. Kids?!


i picked up my Diary that i got from Claires, it has a purple velvet cover with a beautiful bow. I began to write. "Dear Diary, I'm all better now! And so is Liam. We are still dating and its going great. There's been no sign of my mother since the accident.and-" 

"Whatcha doin Love?" I jumped and then looked up slightly shaking. 

"Jesus LI, You almost gave me a heart attack!"

"Sorry Love" I watched as he crawled into bed and gently planted a kiss on my lips and smiled. "Better?"

"A little..." I jutted my lip out in a fake pout and he kissed me again and i smiled. "Ok now I'm better." i laughed as he started to nibble my ear. "Li, S-stop it tickles." he Did it some more and then pulled away.

"Bri, Do you mind if Zayn,Perrie, And their Daughter Maria Come over for a visit? You just have to meet Maria She is the most adorable little 5 year old you have ever met." i looked at him for a minute.

"yeah sure. And i bet she is all little kids are adorable." i laughed and then stopped.

"It makes me want to have kids." I suddenly stopped laughing and stared at him. 

"what did you just say?"

"I want some kids......"

"oh....." i swallowed around a lump that had formed in my throat.

"Some thing wrong love?" By this time we were both laying down and he was cradling me in his arms. "don't you want to have kids too?"

"No,no , I mean yes i do want to have kids with you, i just mean, the subject came upon oh so randomly and quickly and i just haven't had time to-" He kissed me passionately to stop my babbling and i kissed him back. I slightly moaned as our tongues explored one another mouths and his hand had snaked its way up my shirt and started messing with the claps of my bra, finally getting it undone and throwing ti to the floor. Within a matter of minutes we were both undressed and he was hovering over me, i shivered as i felt him press his lips against my neck, and moaned as he sucked on my sweet spot leaving a love bite.

"you ready?"

"y-yeah i think s-so" I moaned loudly as i felt him push into me, and we made love util we were both too tired to move and then he flopped down next to me and cradled me once again in his arms and we lay that way just talking for a while. "If I get pregnant What are you hoping it will be?"

"A Girl."


"So i can spoil her."

"oh.What if its a boy?"

"ill Still spoil him."

"That's nice"

"our kids are going to be some much cuter tan Zayn's"

"Competitive much?"


"speaking of shouldn't you be go calling Zayn?"

"yeah" I watched as he got dressed and when downstairs and I tried to get up but couldn't because i was already very sore so i just laid back down and covered up.

"why does having to loose my Virginity hurt so much?

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