Don't Let Me Go

Brielle never knew running away from her abusive mother would just lead to more and more drama. She's not a slut, she just can't help it. She's gullible. But what happens when her experiences turn her into a stone cold killer?


3. Is it true?

"My parents aren't home so we cant visit so well just get in my car and drive to my flat in London" He flatly said as we walked down the street it looked like it was about to rain. "We might want to hurry is going to rain soon" As soon as I said that the drops started falling fast and hard. He grabbed my hand and I shivered as I felt electric shoot up my arm and through my body. We reached his care and as much as I didn't want to I let g o and got in the passengers seat and waited for him to start the car. The ride so far was silent not a word said so I decided to break it. "Hey Liam?" "Mhm?" "Thanks." "Thanks for what Brielle?" "For taking me in and helping me your really didn't have to I could get by and live on my own." " I wanted to help and yes I did you would have been in horrible condition living on the street." his voice got serous and then I faintly heard him whisper to himself "Pretty girls don't deserve that." I slightly blushed as we arrived at his flat and the door was swarmed with paparazzi. I put my hood up to hide myself as good as possible. I slowly got out of the car and felt Liam wrap me in his arms to keep me hidden. As we approached the doors questions started firing left and right and I almost got dizzy from all the flashes. "Liam How are you handling the break up with Danielle?" 'Liam is this your new girl have you moved on already?" "Is it true that you and Danielle are getting back together?" That last one hurt. I know there's nothing between Liam and I but something just took over in me. I pulled myself out of his arms and ran into the building I could feel the tears start to burn my eyes and I quickly vanished into the crowded lobby. As I was hiding among the crowd I could hear Liam's voice over everyone elses. "BRIELLE?! BRIELLE WHATS GOING ON WHERE DID YOU GO?!" just then I bumped into someone and looked up and my eyes met with blue ones and I realized I had bumped into Niall. "s-sorry I wasn't paying attention" I said with a slightly excited yet sad voice. "That's fine I was just waving my best mate Liam over." I turned and watched as Liam spotted us and walked over and I thought to myself: Shit!. "Brielle what was that about? Why did you run away? "I-I I was getting dizzy" I kinda lied in a way, I didn't want him to know the truth. "Wait, Liam you know her?" Niall cut in and asked. "Yeah she's going to stay with us because she has nowhere. ill tell you later if its fine with her?" He asked as his eyes met mine and I blinked a few times to hold back the tears. "yeah that's fine can we uh go now?" I said as I looked down and the hot tears stream down my face and I put my hood back up and pulled it closed so I was completely hidden. I followed them to the flat and then sat myself on the couch and removed my hood. Liam sat next to me. "Since its raining ill take you shopping tomorrow." I nodded and I sat there and looked at him. "is it true?" "Is what true?" "You and Dani getting back together?" "No....... She keeps telling the press we are but we aren't. She broke my heart and I cant forgive her, yes I love her but the thing between us was destroyed a couple months ago when I caught her cheating." I could see the tears start to form in his eyes as he continued. "I loved her so much and she did that to me. I don't think I can find another girl I could love like that" His tears began to fall as I cupped his cheek making him look me in the eyes and a wiped a few tears away. "Liam I'm sure there's another girl out there. Before my dad died he would tell me Love is a strong thing. If it doesn't last it wasn't meant to be. But keep looking and you'll find the one who holds the key to your heart." He looked me in the eyes finally and before I knew it his lips were pressed against mine in a passionate kiss. I kissed back and then pulled away. "Liam! Wtf was that for?!" "Sorry I'm just I couldn't help it any longer. Brielle your beautiful and I've liked you since the minute I say crying on the side of the street. You told me your story and I know its crazy and we've only known each other for a day but I think I'm falling in-love with you. I was afraid to tell you because I didn't think you felt the same." He looked down but I lifted his chin so our eyes met again. " Liam....... I feel the exact same way." "Brielle?" "Yeas Liam?" "Would you like to be my girlfriend?" " Of course' he smiled and pulled me into a hot passionate kiss and then we pulled away and I yawned. "You tired?" I nodded and he showed me to his bed room. "You can sleep in my bed ill sleep on he couch." "No its fine Li you can sleep with me," I saw a slight smirk cross his face. " No not that kind of sleep with me we can cuddle and sleep not it and sleep ya dippy." I heard him chuckle and he handed me one of his t-shirt and made him turn around as I undressed. I could feel his eyes on my so I purposely dropped the shirt and picked it up and giggled as I watched him unsuccessfully try to hid his boner. "God your such a guy." I put the shirt on and jumped over the covers and felt his muscular arms wrap around me gently. I felt safe in his arm, I knew he would protect me right then and there, he would destroy anyone who tried to harm me. Before I could think we were asleep in each others arms
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