Don't Let Me Go

Brielle never knew running away from her abusive mother would just lead to more and more drama. She's not a slut, she just can't help it. She's gullible. But what happens when her experiences turn her into a stone cold killer?


17. I Thought We Were Friends

It's been about a week since someone sent me those ashes. But it's only gotten worse. Louis has been by to help me with getting stuff around and better, but the stuff keeps getting worse. This person keeps sending me things in the mail and I don't have any clue who it is. The last one I received was yesterday morning. I went to my nightstand and picked it up reading aloud to myself. "I know you Bri. I know everything. If you don't want Liam or anyone to get hurt, you must cut off all ties you have to them. Or I will go and hunt them down. I want you, and If I can't have you nobody can." I jumped when I heard Louis' voice behind me. I quickly set the note down and turned to face him. He's been acting kinda strange lately. "Oh. Hey Lou! How long have you been standing there?"
"Since the part about not talking to any one yadda ya. Who's that from?"
"I don't know. It doesn't say. I don't want you here I want to be alone,. I'm not going to let you get hurt." 
"I'm fine.  I won't get hurt " there was something strange about his posture. He was hiding something.
"Lou. Do you know anything about this?"
"No. No. I Swear."
"Are you sure? Because I think you are lying  to me."
"I swear Harry and I have Nothing to do with this!"
"I never said anything about Harry! You Liar! How could you?! You Were my best friend! For gods sake I trusted you with all my heart. I should have known." I said as my face got red with anger before collapsing on the ground starting to cry.
"Brielle I'm Sorry. I'm just going to go. Bye" And with that he left. What was I supposed to do? Harry knew all my weaknesses and where I lived. He could show up and beat the crap out of me any minute. I decided to call Niall. I needed a little comfort and a friend to get my mind off of things. Before I knew it he was at my front door with Ice Cream and Movies. I gave him a warm hug before pulling him inside.
"Well you look better but Horrible, But still pretty as always!"
"Awww Thanks Ni. I needed that."
"So what's up?"
"All kinds of shit. I'm not safe. neither are you." I went to close the blinds in the kitchen window and noticed a black rove ranger parked right outside. The windows were  all tinted black, I couldn't see into it. Right away I noticed something was a bit off. I pulled the blinds down and went around my house Locking every window, door, an entry way before going back to where Niall is,
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing. Just I'll tell you later" A heavy knock came at the door and I went completely silent. After a while it went away and I opened the door. Taped to the front was A little note Like The ones before, only this time it had a Huge Blue H on the front. Confirming that it indeed was Harry. I Pulled it off and began to read. " Niall Is hit. What did I tell you? Stubborn girl. Watch your back."  I pulled my lighter out and lit the note on fire. "Why me?"
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing. Just promise me you wont ever leave this apartment without me?"
"What? Why? What's going on?"
"Nothing just trust me and promise me you wont?"
"Fine. I promise."
"Thanks. So what do you want to do?"
"Watch a scary movie?"
"YES!!!!" I'm afraid. For me but mostly for Niall. He doesn't even know that he is being hunted down. Over the past few days we have been cramped up in my apartment. I got a guy to install security cameras, and intruder alarm, and heavy duty locks on all the doors. I feel a little safer but knowing Harry, There's no telling what he would do to get into my house.
"BRI! THE MOVIE IS READY!!!" I need to put this out of mind. I shook my head as I walked over to my living room where I saw a very anxious Niall patting the seat next to him as The Exorcist began to play on the screen.


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