Don't Let Me Go

Brielle never knew running away from her abusive mother would just lead to more and more drama. She's not a slut, she just can't help it. She's gullible. But what happens when her experiences turn her into a stone cold killer?


5. I Love You

After we got home Liam sat me on the couch and started to lecture me.

"WTF Brielle What Were you thinking?! You cant just go off and punch a fan like that!"

"Sorry Liam I was-" He cut me off

"Your so stupid, The paps got that and now our faces are going to be plastered in every magazine! "Crazed Girl Punches Fan"

"Liam I'm sorry but I wasn't going to let her talk to me like that I'm not stupid and I don't really fucking care about the paps." I got pretty mad on the inside he was yelling at ME because of the way I acted. Its all her fault I'm not the on that looked like a barbie and started insulting his girlfriend.

"Well you should! Stupid stunts like that are what get good people bad reputations!" My face got red. i was mad. so i slapped him across the face.

"WHATEVER ITS NOT MY FAULT I'M NOT A BARBIE WANNABE THAT TALKS SHIT SO  YOU CAN FUCKING KISS MY ASS AND LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!!!" i yelled, one day together and we were already fighting this couldn't be good. I watched him cup his face and i ran and locked myself in the bathroom and cried. I let the thoughts slowly creep into my mind...."Your not good enough" "maybe you should live on the streets" "You don't deserve him your just another ugly bitch" i couldn't take it anymore the thoughts had taken over i looked around and found a razor and smashed it to pieces. I picked up one of the razors and dug it deep into my skin until i started to bleed. i Heard Liam banging on the door. I looked around as my vision and then back down at my wrist. Whats happening? I've never bled this much before! i dug too deep! i thought and then i fell and it all went black the last thing i heard was Liam's frantic banging and panicking at the door and then it faded away.

--------------------------------------------------------LIAMS P.O.V.---------------------------------------------------------

I slowly walked to the bathroom door and knocked. "Brielle listen Love I'm sorry i over reacted." There was no answer but i heard some shuffling around.i knocked some more. "i know your mad at me but i wanted yo-" I got cut off i heard a loud crash and then i got really worried. "BRIELLE?! BRIELLE ARE YOU OK?! ANSWER ME!" No response i started to panic and threw my self at the door until it burst open and i say her laying there in a small pool of blood. I grabbed my phone and dialed the police. "HELLO PLEASE HELP MY GIRL FRIEND SHE CUT TOO DEEP AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO PLEASE HURRY IN AT 306 B PLAZZADALE DRIVE" i hung up and picked her head up. "COME ON BRI BABY PLEASE WAKE UP..." "You cant leave me please wake up love please I love you and I'm sorry please just don't go. Just then the paramedics and the police showed up and took her away on a stretcher.

"OK Sir we are going to have to ask you a few questions what happened here?"

"Well you see we had a bit of a fight and she got upset and slapped me across the face and ran into the bathroom, so i just sat on the couch to let both of us calm down for a bit and then i walked and knocked on the door to apologize. at first she didn't answer, i didn't expect her to cuz she was mad at me, but then after a few minutes i heard a loud crash and got really worried so i busted the door down and saw her well in the pool of blood, so i called you guys."

"ok thanks son. Put your hands behind your head your being placed under temporary custody of the law."


"We have to take you in since there was a fight and you have her blood on your clothes, only until the rule out the fact you did anything your comming with us."

"BUT I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING I LOVE HER TOO MUCH AND I WOULD NEVER HURT HER!" i was so upset why wouldn't they believe me. I didn't want to get in anymore trouble so i did as they said and went down to the station. About a couple hours later an officer came in and gave me the news.

"PAYNE we have the news for you on the girl. Shes..........Alive but asleep they don't know when shell wake up because she suffered dramatic blood loss from self inflicted cuts your free to go and well escort you to the hospital room 13 D."

"Thanks officer" I was so worried as we drove to the hospital as soon as we got there i ran to her room and sat in the chair beside her bed taking her hand in mine and caressing in with my thumb.

"Brielle, love I'm so sorry this is all my fault I'm so sorry baby" i let the tears fall from my eyes as i buried my face in our hands and then i felt a pair of eyes on me. It wasn't the pleasant feel i get when Brielle looks at me, it was hard and cold like ice. I turned around and standing in the doorway was a woman. She looked exactly like Brielle but much older. "W-who are you?"

"I'm her mother. And i came to take my daughter back home as soon as she wakes up." I felt my anger rise as i threw my body in front of bri's motionless body.

"your not taking her anywhere. I've seen what you've done to her and your not getting away with it any longer. After her father left you became horrible. shes told me everything."

"Well, I could kill you and take her home. or i could kill you both, after all i did kill her father so it shouldn't be hard."

"Y-you killed dad?!" i heard a faint voice and turned around to see her awake and i hugged her tight.

"yeah i did you though he shot himself, HA NOPE i shot him and made it look like a suicide and i could make it look the exact same here." I watched her as she drew a pistol from he pants and pointed in strait at Brielle. I heard a loud bang and i threw myself in front of her. Bang. The pain. The screams, Brielle. Black. I was gone out of it and then was some where. Somewhere I've never been before, it was white. White everywhere. that's all i could see it mocked me. It was taunting me calling my name Teasing me with its purity and perfection and then i heard her voice. it was the voice I've loved so much sounding panicked and frantic, scared and alone, faraway. i had to find it. I Had to find her voice and let her know I'm here and shes safe that shell never be alone again.And then all of a sudden it went black i felt closer to reality i felt in place again and i took a breath a real on from the real air and then i heard sighs of relief as my eyes fluttered open and i saw the face that matched the voice the perfect face and she smiled.

"Liam? Are you there? Are you awake?" My mouth moved as if I were trying to speak but I just couldn't find the words to express how happy and in love I was and how determined I had become to find her mother....and lock her away behind bars or under a lid and 6 feet of dirt. I nodded and she hugged me i was so relieved and so was she. that was when it happened i spoke the only words i could find.

"Brielle. I Love You."

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