Don't Let Me Go

Brielle never knew running away from her abusive mother would just lead to more and more drama. She's not a slut, she just can't help it. She's gullible. But what happens when her experiences turn her into a stone cold killer?


7. How About....?

Zayn and his family have been here for a while, although they still haven't met me yet, im really shy and I wanted to wait forth right time. So here goes nothing.

I Walked out into the dinning room where everyone was sitting and a very beautiful little girl was coloring in a book.

"Hello, Everyone. I'm Brielle." I stood kind of uncomfortably as Zayn and Perrie just watched me. Liam must have sensed my awkwardness cuz he stood up and took my hand.

"Zayn, Perrie, This is my girlfriend, Brielle, This is my best mate Zayn and His Wife Perrie and their Daughter Maria." Perrie got up out of her chair and hugged me-

" You are sooooo pretty! I can tell we are going to get along just fine." She smiled at me and sat back down and then Zayn gave me a hug too.

"My, My, I'm impressed Liam." He sat back down and so did Liam and I. "The rest of the Lad's will want to meet her. Why don't we have a little get together right now?"

"Sounds Great, Why don't we go do that while Perrie,and Bri talk?"

"Sure." The guys left the room and so did Maria, Daddy's girl. and I was left alone with Perrie, she moved closer to me and smiled.

"Hi, You have such awesome hair! I'm totes jealous. How did you and Liam meet?"

"Well, um, I kinda ran away from home....." I told her the whole story and by the end of it she was in tears.

"That is so so sad But trust me, you are safe with Liam, especially when you are best friends with Guys like Niall, Louis, Harry, and Zayn. Trust me they would do anything for me and El and I'm sure they would for you too."

"Thanks, I Kinda need some clothes, Wanna go shopping tomorrow?"

"OF COURSE!!!!!!!"

"YAY" Just then Zayn and Liam came back with a somehow Niall, oh yeah I forgot he was Liam's room mate...... OH GOD HE HEARD US....


So judging by what I heard Liam and Bri doing earlier, it's official, they are a thing! Wait until the Paps hear this...

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