Don't Let Me Go

Brielle never knew running away from her abusive mother would just lead to more and more drama. She's not a slut, she just can't help it. She's gullible. But what happens when her experiences turn her into a stone cold killer?


14. Dumb, Drunk, And Delirious

It's been six weeks since The hospital and everything happened. Louis and Eleanor got me an apartment to myself, they didn't want me on the streets. I went to Liam's house and gathered my things 3 weeks ago. He was there, and I tried as best as possible to avoid his sad and hurt look on his face. I'm hurt much much more at the moment. My heart is broken into a million pieces. I ruined my life, and what I had so good going. I left, giving Liam a hug and a proper goodbye before leaving, and never coming back. I got to my flat and locked the door behind me. I'm alone. I wanted to die but I didn't have the lady balls to kill myself. I drank away my pain. There was broken bottles everywhere in my apartment. My feet were all cut up from walking on the glass. My body was covered with deep cuts, every inch, except my arms, neck, face, and hands. I picked up another bottle drinking the Rum inside, it burned my throat but it felt good in my veins. I played on the couch and turned on the t.v. listening to whatever news was on the radio. I dropped my bottle at what the reporter was saying. "That's right folks, England's very own One Direction is performing a special concert at the London arena in just fifteen minutes. As you can see here, hundreds of teenage girls are deluded at the front gates." It then showed a picture of the boys backstage. When I saw Liam I slipped my shoes on and ran to the arena. He was smiling, but something was missing, his smile wasn't the same and the wasn't a twinkle in his eyes anymore. My hair was messy, I looked terrible, I had blood on my hands, and I reeked of alcohol. As soon as I got there I tried pushing myself past all the girls assembled there. It wasn't working. I quickly stumbled my way to the back of the building where they bring the stars in. As I got closer to the door I was stopped by someone. 

"sorry,  private access only"  I started to cry when I heard an Irish voice behind me. 

"I know her Paul, can you leave us alone for a minute?" The man Nodded and walked off. I ran to Niall and hugged him. "Brielle, what are you doing here?"

"I need to see him" 

"You know you can't do that."

"Ni, please I really really need to see him" 

"fine, you look horrible by the way, we have to go the concert is starting." He led me into the halls and set me in his dressing room where I could watch the concert. Niall left me and went out on the stage joining the boys. They sang the whole song and I noticed Liam stayed as far away from Harry as possible. I couldn't stand this anymore. Some hatred just over came me, I left the dressing room and found my way to the stage. I walked out in front of everyone. Not giving a care what anyone said I walked right out to harry and as hard as I could, punched him in the face. He stumbled backward and then looked at me as I dropped to my knees crying. I felt two strong arms pick me up and carry me away, I knew right away it was Liam. He took us into his dressing room and sat me Down.

"What are you doing here?"

"I needed to see you." He just stared at me.

"You look horrible, here" he got a bowl of warm water and a rag and started to clean me up. I just laughed like a loony. 

"I lurve yew hahahah" 

"Your drunk Bri, wow you are in terrible shape-. It really is killing you."

"I told you" I said playfully poking his chest. "I'm nothing without you"

"I know, how much have you drank?"

"Since Wednesday"

"today's Wednesday"

"of last week"

"you haven't been sober"

"no, I can't, I haven't slept, I haven't eaten, all I can do is drink and cut the pain away but that doesn't even work." 

"God that's horrible' I'm so sorry."

"you have nothing to be sorry for, I brought this upon myself."

"No, I'm sorry I left you, you never would have done this." I kissed him, I couldn't help it, I needed him. "I take you back, now please come home?"


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