Don't Let Me Go

Brielle never knew running away from her abusive mother would just lead to more and more drama. She's not a slut, she just can't help it. She's gullible. But what happens when her experiences turn her into a stone cold killer?


13. Don't Go

I woke up in the hospital surrounded by everyone except harry. They were all crying, Liam the hardest, he was sitting at my bedside holding my hand. I looked around at everyone nobody seemed to notice I was awake yet. 

"What Happened?" There heads all shot to me. I started to get a bit nervous. Liam looked at me hurt, he cried harder. Eleanor gently set her hand on my shoulder.

"Hun, You have a broken leg, a few broken ribs, and" she teared up again. "Your baby is dead. I-im so sorry." I started to cry. 

"Why?" That's all I heard come from Liam's mouth and I looked at him.

"Li I'm so sorry. I don't know what I was thinking.  I-"

"Save it, we're over, bye" He went to get up and leave but I grabbed his hand and made him stop before he could leave.

"Liam please don't do this.... I Need you."

"Just- " He swallowed the lump in his throat obviously being torn. "Just answer me this one question. How could you?" I shook my head no.

"I'm sorry I really am, I don't know what I was doing, please don't leave me Liam!"

"That's what I was afraid of, bye" and with that he harshly pulled out of my grip making me wince in pain. I don't care if everybody was watching, I broke down I couldn't stop myself from crying. I had just lost the best thing I'd ever had and it's all because of my stupid mistakes. I wanted to die. kill me please. 

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