Theres a point in everyone's lives were you just want to give up, everything seems pointless and un worth it. You get up every morning and look at yourself in the mirror thinking, what did I do to deserve such a crap life? But then you realize that your life isn't as bad as the other kid, the one who lives three streets down. He lost both his parents and is thinking about killing himself tonight, everyone knows but no one cares enough to stop it. And you think oh wow, some peoples lives suck worse ass then mine. And maybe just maybe you start to think I should try to be happier. But then the next day you are back to the same cycle, noticing for the first time that you are in fact dead inside.


6. Chapter 6.

Chapter 6. 


“Oh don’t worry, he just went to get some things from the store.” Luke says, but he doesn’t look convinced. “Yeah…” Michael backs him up. “Hey, Wren do you want to go upstairs?” Calum asks me, “Sure…” I say and follow him up the stairs, I hear the boys laughing behind us. We reach my room and Calum closes the door behind him. “How you doing?” He says, wrapping his arm around my waist. “Good.” I whisper in his ear. His body stiffens as I run my hand under his shirt. “Hello? Wren?” His eyes widen and I start to giggle. “Wren what’s going on?” Ashton says, urgently. “Hide Calum!” He laughs and hides in my closet. “Yes Ashton?” I open the door and peek out, “What’s going on?” He repeats. “Nothing Ash, why?” I bat my eyelashes, “Don’t you trust me?” He shakes his head and barges into the room. “Who is in here?” I push Calums shirt under the bed with my foot. “No one Ashton, why do you care so much?” He looks at me, “Is he is in the closet?” I panik, “Is who in the closet?” I ask. “Calum.” He spits out, so he knows. Ashton reaches for the closet door knob, “Oh Calum..” He says when he see the shirtless boy in my closet, “surprised to see you here.” He laughs, but its not his regular laugh. “See Calum I don’t want to beat you up again, but why the hell are you in Wren’s room shirtless?!” He shouts. “Uhh, we made up..” He says, he looks scared. “Yeah I could tell that, but i think you did a little more than make up.” “Fine Ashton, we made out but why the fuck does it matter to you!” Calum screams at him. I hear footsteps run up the stair and then see the two boys wide eyed. “Because I like her dammit, and i’ve been there for her and all you’ve done is hurt her!!” He screams, veins popping out. Wait, so he does like me? “Ashton stop it! Please stop it, I thought you were my friend, but you have been keeping that fact that you liked me all this time. I want to be with Calum ok?” I cry out, Ashton looks back at me, hurt. “Wren i’m sorry ok?” Ashton says, I run over to Calum and he wraps his arms around me. Ashton stomps out of the room and Michael and Luke follow him, looking worried. I look up at Calum who looks really upset, “Are you ok?” I ask him, “Yeah. Fine.” He responds, looking worried. “Babe, really you can tell me if you’re upset, or you know I could always make you feel better.” I trace my fingers around his the button of his pants. He bites his lip, “Yeah, I’ll go with the latter.” I push my mouth against his and slip my tongue in, he slips his in my mouth as I grab the back of his neck, I jump up up and wrap my legs around his waist, pulling him down onto my bed. I straddle him, while kissing along his v-line. “Ok thats enough for tonight.” I say and cuddle into his arm. “Thank you, I needed that.” He smiles and kisses the top of my head. Then he gets up from the bed, I pout. “Where are you going?” He looks back at me and smiles, “To my bedroom.” He says. “Oh come on, stayy!” I whine. He crawls back into bed with me and snuggles under the blankets. I fall asleep to the sound of Calum’s deep breath.

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