Theres a point in everyone's lives were you just want to give up, everything seems pointless and un worth it. You get up every morning and look at yourself in the mirror thinking, what did I do to deserve such a crap life? But then you realize that your life isn't as bad as the other kid, the one who lives three streets down. He lost both his parents and is thinking about killing himself tonight, everyone knows but no one cares enough to stop it. And you think oh wow, some peoples lives suck worse ass then mine. And maybe just maybe you start to think I should try to be happier. But then the next day you are back to the same cycle, noticing for the first time that you are in fact dead inside.


5. Chapter 5.

Chapter 5. 

**Three Weeks Later**

*Wren’s POV*

I haven’t talked to Calum since that day and have mostly been hanging out with Luke and Ashton. Michael took Calum’s side but i’m pretty sure thats because no one else did. I am starting to think that I should forgive Cal but he hasn’t even tried to talk to me since then. Ashton and I have gotten pretty close and he admitted that he did have feelings for me then but wasnt planning on acting on it, since Calum already seemed to have ‘called dibs.’

*Ashton’s POV*

Wren and I have been hanging out for the past three weeks, with Luke too but sometimes without him. Michael and Calum seem to be trying to talk to Wren but i’m not going to let him, he has hurt her once and i’m not going to let him again. I told Wren that I had feelings for her during the first week and that I didnt plan on acting it, I told two lies. 1. it wasn’t the first week that I started having feelings for her it was the first day and I still do and 2. I did plan on acting on it and Calum never called dibs, he thought that was a nasty thing to do.

*Calum’s POV*

I miss her, I miss her so damn much! I miss her smile and her laugh and her voice, I really miss talking to her. I have tried and tried to talk to her but Ashton says that she doesn’t want to see me, I don’t really get it, I didn’t do anything that bad to make her want to never see me again. I’ve been hanging out with Mikey most of the time, but really I just need some time to myself, I also know that he just took my side because he felt bad for me and he didn’t see any of the action actually go down.

*Wren’s POV*

Ashton, Michael and Luke are out right now so this is my only time to talk to him. “Calum?” I scream out, not knowing where he is. “Wren? Wren?” I hear his voice say from the kitchen. I follow his voice. “Wren! i’ve missed you so much but Ashton said that you didn’t want to speak to me, I didn’t understand why but I get it if you dont want to talk to my ever again. But I miss you and I want to continue to get to know you, please just give me one more chance pleas-” Then I walk towards him and grab him by the collar, pushing my mouth against his. It takes him a few seconds to process what’s going on, but then he kisses me back. He runs his fingers through my hair, “Jump.” I jump onto the counter, and wrap my legs around him, I feel his growing erection as he starts kissing my neck hungry for action. He finds my sweet spot and I start to moan, he smiles at my reaction. “Calum? Wren?” The kiss breaks and we freeze. His eyes widen and so do mine. “Calum, Wre- Oh…” I see Luke standing in the doorway. “Whats going on?” Then I start to laugh, and Calum joins in. “Why are you guys laughing?” Michael joins him in the doorway. “Your face, it was priceless!” I hop off the counter. “What’s going on?” Luke repeats. “We made up, and uhh..” “We made out.” Calum says unemotionally. “Fun..” Michael says and then we all start laughing. “Wait where’s Ashton?”

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