Theres a point in everyone's lives were you just want to give up, everything seems pointless and un worth it. You get up every morning and look at yourself in the mirror thinking, what did I do to deserve such a crap life? But then you realize that your life isn't as bad as the other kid, the one who lives three streets down. He lost both his parents and is thinking about killing himself tonight, everyone knows but no one cares enough to stop it. And you think oh wow, some peoples lives suck worse ass then mine. And maybe just maybe you start to think I should try to be happier. But then the next day you are back to the same cycle, noticing for the first time that you are in fact dead inside.


4. Chapter 4.

Chapter 4. 

*Luke's POV*

"Calum?" He is sitting on the kitchen island. "What's up?" I say. He looks up at me, furious. "Wow dude. What's wrong?" I say in a whisper. "Ashton!" He responds. I suddenly realize that Calum likes Wren. "Ohhh, you like Wrenie!" He frowns at the nickname. "No. Maybe. I don't know, I just met her for gods sake!" He yells. I shush him then say, "well I can tell Ashton likes her too, so your just gonna have to see what she wants." I say, hoping that he'll just back off. I know Ashton will be better for Wren.

*Wren’s POV*

“I’m gonna go to bed, night guys.” I tell the boys, this movie is freaking me out. It’s even scarier than the last one. Yes we have watched multiple. I walk up the stairs and into my room, smiling at the lone picture on the wall. We look adorable, maybe even make a cute couple...Wait, no stop it. I sit down on my bed and grab my phone, looking around for my head phones. I find them under my suit case and plug them in, trying to find the perfect song for this moment. Ah yes, Ed Sheeran! It was the perfect album for tonight. I hit play and turn the volume up all the way so I don’t hear the knock on my door. I dont even notice Calum walking up to me. “Uhh, Wren?” I scream, unattractive scream… “I’m so so sorry, Wren I didn’t mean to scare you I just wanted to say goodnight.” I smile at him, “Its ok.” I look down at my phone thinking he was leaving. “Umm before you return to listening to your music, I have a question.” I look back up at him, he looks super nervous. “Yes?” He stays silent for a little while, “Do you like Ashton?” He asks, suddenly shy. “Well, i’m not gonna say I don’t think he’s cute cause I do. But I think we are just friends, why Cal?” He looks down, at first he was happy about my response but he seems sad. Did I say something wrong? “Oh uhh I think he likes you so you should like talk about that with him.” Something changes in him, he seems really really sad and disappointed. “Cal, I don’t really have feelings for him and I don’t think he likes me either.” I’m starting to get really confused. “I mean how could he not, you’re pretty and-and I dont know you that well but I want to get to know you better and see what happens, i’m not saying that we have to go on a date but I don’t wanna hang out with you some time without the rest of them.” He says it in one breath. “You-you think i’m pretty?” I stutter over my words. “Of course, all the boys do.” Calum sits down on the foot of my bed. “But, i’m not pretty…” I say, his face falls. “What? You are one of the prettiest girls i’ve ever seen.” I smile, “Thats sweet Cal, and of course I’ll hang out with you.” He grins, “Tomorrow?” I nod, then he gets up to leave. “Bye Calum.” He looks back at me, “Bye Wren.”

*Calum’s POV*

My alarm blares, I groan. Then I realize that I am hanging out with Wren today. I jump up and run into my bathroom, turning on the water ( I like it hot..) and jump in. After I finish washing my hair, I run back into my room, I want to be ready before Wren wakes up, so I can be the first person she sees in the morning. I change into black skinny jeans and a blue button-up I look myself up and down in the mirror. I basically run into Wrens room, she’s still sleeping and it looks like her alarm is about to go off, I tip-toe over to her desk and turn it off. Quietly, I get onto the bed, “Wrenie!” I whisper into her ear. She slaps me in the arm but keeps on sleeping. “Wrenie come on it’s time to get up!” I say a little louder. She groans and rolls over taking me with her. “Uh, Wrenie..” I am currently underneath her unable to get up. Finally her eyes flutter open, she looks really surprised. “Um, Cal?” I can see how this would look extremely awkward if someone walked in. “Uh, its not what it looks like.. I was trying to wake you up but you kind flipped me over and I gave up, plus you are really cute when you’re sleeping.” I shrug. She blushes and pushes me off of her, I end up on the floor. “I’m gonna shower now.” She awkwardly says, moving into the bathroom. I nod, “I’ll wait.” She smiles and closes the door. I wait for her on her bed, looking around. “Calum? What are you doing?” I hear a voice from the door. “Waiting.” I respond to Ashton. “For what?” He looks really jealous and it makes me happy, it shouldn’t but it does. “Wren, we are hanging out today.” He nods and the walks away, clearly jealous. He basically slams the door on his way out. I hear the bathroom door slowly then I hear a gasp, I look over and see Wren standing in front of me with a purple towel wrapped around her. My eyes widen, and I feel a bulge starting to grow in my pants. “I, uh thought you were the one who closed the door, so I umm came out with no... clothes.” Her face is bright red and I start to feel bad for her. “Uh its ok I will wait for you downstairs.” I awkwardly shuffle out of the room while trying to hide the uh.. bulge. I think she notices though because I hear her giggle as I shut the door behind me. I sit down on the soft brown couch and wait for her to get dressed. “Calum?” I look around and see Luke staring at me. “What’s up?” He looks strangely nervous. “Are you hanging out with Wren today?” I nod and he gulps. “Ashton is pissed dude, he thinks you stole her from him.” I shake my head, “We’ve known her for what two days? We are just friends and she isn’t anyones property. I mean sure I like her a little but we are just friends.” He nods and then walks away. Strange. I turn around to see Wren standing on the bottom step. She smiles at me, did she hear any of that? “You ready?” I ask her. “Yeah, sure.” She walks down the rest of the stairs and waits for me as I grab my coat and shoes. This is gonna be fun.

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