Theres a point in everyone's lives were you just want to give up, everything seems pointless and un worth it. You get up every morning and look at yourself in the mirror thinking, what did I do to deserve such a crap life? But then you realize that your life isn't as bad as the other kid, the one who lives three streets down. He lost both his parents and is thinking about killing himself tonight, everyone knows but no one cares enough to stop it. And you think oh wow, some peoples lives suck worse ass then mine. And maybe just maybe you start to think I should try to be happier. But then the next day you are back to the same cycle, noticing for the first time that you are in fact dead inside.


2. Chapter 2.

Chapter 2. 

"Ladies and gentlemen we will be landing in 10 minutes." The smug flight attendant notifies us over the speaker. I straighten up in my seat, looking out the window I sigh. Hopefully I'll find some friends. I imagine what kind of people the boys will be for the rest of the ten minutes.

My uncle opens the car door, leading me up the front steps of my new house. He knocks on the door four times before someone answers it. Standing in front of me is Ashtopn Irwin. THE ASHTON IRWIN. I'm pretty sure I look like a total loser right now. "Wren this is Ashton, Ashton this is Wren." I smile at him and try my hardest not to fangirl. "Are you gonna fangirl?" He asks. I shake my head, deciding to play it cool. "I wasn't gonna, but if you want me to." I shrug. He laughs. "You're cool." He says, OMG OMG. I walk inside the house, looking around. Someone is listening to very loud music upstairs and someone else is cooking in the kitchen, it smells amazing. "CALUM! MIKEY! LUKE!" Ashton scream, the music stops and Luke runs down the stairs followed my a started Calum and Mikey peaks out of the kitchen. "Oh, the girls hear." Luke says. "Hey, I'm Luke." He sticks out his hand and I shake it. "This is Calum and Michael." Calum steps forward and shakes my hand and Michael hugs me saying, "I don't do hand shakes." I smile at them. When Uncle Si told me there was going to be boys I wasn't expecting this. "Well it's nice to meet all of you, but I'm really tired could someone show me my room?" I ask. Calum responds by putting his arm up in the arm yelling, "ohh pick me!" I laugh and he starts to show me up the stairs. "Our rooms are right next to eachother." He points out, "here." He opens the door to my room, the walls are black, there are white chistmas lights hanging on the wall. In the middle of the room against the wall my bed is siting proudly, a burgundy quilt is sitting ontop of a black comforter. A bunch of pillows with sayings sewed onto them are siting on my bed. Then I notice that on one wall there are the words Make Memories. I look at Calum confused. "Your uncle thought it would be a good idea to take some pictures and put them on your wall." He smiles and then hands me a camera. My eyes water up, and I smile back at him. "Let's take the first one now!" He says excitedly. We pose for a few photos, I look through them to find the best one. "Ooh I like that one!"Calum says, we are looking at the one where I am sticking my tongue out and he is making a kissy face. "Me too." I look up and him, he is grinning from ear to ear. Cute. I then turn my camera off and say, "I have to go thank my uncle." I rush down the stairs and into my uncles open arms. "Thank you so so much." I say. He smiles back at me. "Ok, so I have to get going now. I will be gone for a couple weeks and I expect you boys to take good care of Wren." I blush, he's acting like I am 10. He then walks out of the door, I lock it. "Whose ready to watch a scary movie?" Luke says. We all grin back at him. We head to the living room and look at the selection of horror movies. Scary movies scare the shit out of me. I hope I don't scream. We decide on the Conjuring, I sit down in between Ashton and Calum, leaving Mikey and Luke to sit on the floor.

"Ahh!" I scream and hide in the crook of Ashton's arm. He laughs and wraps his arms around me. "It's ok it's just a movie babe." I look up at him and blush. I'm such a wimp. I look over at Calum who is staring at the TV like he wants to kill it. "Calum?" I whisper. He looks over at me and Ashton and his expression hardens. Is he jealous? No he can't be, I haven't even known him for a day. I look back at the TV. I make it through the rest of movie without screaming. "That was so fucking scary." I say. "Well you seemed fine with the protection of Ashton." Luke jokes. "Oh shut up you dick." Ashton says, his face red. Mikey laughs, Calum gets up and walks into the kitchen. "Aye Calum!" Luke gets up and follows him.

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