I Would Say it if You'd Let Me

This book is inspired by the song Brave by Sara Bareilles.

Why does Abril always zip her lips before the words can escape and defend her?


8. .

     "Abril, wake up mom made eggs and bacon"  Tori said, shaking me.                            

"what time is it?" I mumbled.
"It is exactly 8:28am," Tori replied.
"Why would you wake me up this early on a weekend!" I exclaimed.
"If you want your eggs warm then be down stairs within the next 5 minutes." she said over her shoulder as she walked down the hall.
I quickly got up and got dressed.  walking to the washroom to brush my teeth I bumped into someone and stumbled, dropping my tooth brush and tooth past.
"S-sorry," I said realizing who it was.
"That's okay I should watch where I'm going, I guess we both have to habit of walking with our heads down." He said and walked away.
I picked up my tooth brush and tooth past and quickly walked to the bathroom.

Jed is the boy from the tree!  He's tori's cousin that lives with her! and he knows who I am.  He knows me better then anyone and yet I didn't know his name till now!  I can't believe I just figured that out!



"you're two minutes late."  Tori said when i finally apeared down stairs. 

"It's not my fault you only gave me five minutes to get ready and be down stairs." I answered  sheepishly and started eating my eggs.


"Hey wanna go to the park and play soccer after breakfast?" Tori asked.

"Sure." I said grinning. "Are you going to tryout for our schools soccer team next week?"

"We have a soccer team!" She exclaimed. "I haven't seen any trophies or any thing any where in the school."

"Well, the good news is we have a team." I said

"And the bad news?" Tori asked impatiently.

"They never win." I said bluntly.

I had thought about joining the team last year but the only girls on it were a few of the girls from Jenna's gang. I had decided it would be a bad idea to join but I might join this year if Tori joins.

"I might join." Tori said thoughtfully. "Are you going to?"

"I don't know, maybe."

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