I Would Say it if You'd Let Me

This book is inspired by the song Brave by Sara Bareilles.

Why does Abril always zip her lips before the words can escape and defend her?


5. .

~~Tori and I had been bowling for hours when Tori's cousin Basil -Tori calls him Bay for short- brought Tori and Abril each a burger, a pop and some fries for lunch.
"Ready to be beat again?" I joked as we finished eating.
"I'll beet you soon, I 'ust have to wait 'ill the beginners luck runs out." Tori sad as she stuffed the rest of her hamberger in her mouth and started to program the machine.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^2 hours later after I had beeten Tori at two more games^^^^^^^^^^^
"Wahoo I won, I won, you lost, you lost!" Tori sang.
"What's the score now, eight to one?" I asked jokingly.
"For your information it's seven to one." Tori replied.
"Wow seven to one!  How long have you guys been playing?" A boy with dark brown hair and bright green eyes asked.
"About six hours." Tori replied.
"Shouldn't you have been in school?" The boy asked.
"Abril meet my other cousin Jed." Tori said, gesturing to the boy.
"Yeah, we uh meet yesterday." I mumbled, hopping she didn't hear me.
"I should really be getting home my mum might be worrying." I said and rushed out the door.
But I don't go home I didn't think there was much point, my mom would still be at work any ways, so I went to the river.
Wednesday, March 28th, 2014
Dear, you
well I'm by the river sitting really high up in my tree -Higher then usual- why you ask?  Well let me tell you from the beginning.
Ok, let see, it all started at nine fifteen am.
I was walking to school (I didn't want to take the bus because Jenna pretty much always takes the bus) listening to Secrets by One Republic, and singing along -like always- and Jenna basically told me I can't sing, which yet again made me feel worthless.  So I decided to play hooky.  I started to run to the river with my music full blast.  Anything, by Headly came on and I couldn't hear anything, or see cause of the tears and I ran in to someone and fell.  She asked me if I was ok and where I was going, because the school was in the other direction.  I said I was fine -even though I could tell she didn't believe me-  she asked me If I wanted to go bowling with her, Tori, at her cousin's bowling alley.  We ended up bowling pretty much all day.  but then once school was out the boy who dropped the letter onto my lap yesterday came in and asked us why we didn't go to school.  I'm pretty sure he recognized me but I didn't want him to, so I told Tori I had to go home for supper when really my mom probably wouldn't be home till dark.
And now I'm here in my tree, really high up and hoping i'll never see him again.
I'd better head home now.



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