I Would Say it if You'd Let Me

This book is inspired by the song Brave by Sara Bareilles.

Why does Abril always zip her lips before the words can escape and defend her?


4. .

~~It's amazing how we got this far.
It's like we where chasing all those stars!
In shiny big black cars.
And every day I see the news all the problems we could salve.
I sang as I walked to school.
"Excuse me," someone taped me on her back.
"Yes," I said as I pulled my head phones out.
"Would you stop singing, I don't want to have to ware ugly hearing adds!" Jenna said and walked away.
I silently started crying and for the first time desided to play hooky!
I turned her music up as far as it would go and started to run towards the river.  I was having trouble seeing through all the tears, I fell and scraped her knee but got back up right away, I don't want any one to see me.
"burn that guitar you can never be a star,
I CAN I CAN I CAN SO!" Blasted through my head phones.
"Ya righ... OAFFF!" I ran into someone and fell down.
"Hey, need a hand up?" The girl asked, she was very pretty, with bright red hair.
"I'm Tori, Tori Bellator." She said.
"N-no I'm f-fine thanks." I said standing up.
"Okay if you say so... ooh ouch how'd ya do that" Tori said, pointing to my knee.
"I fell." I replied bluntly.
"well we're late for school now any ways, want to do something fun?"  Tori asked.
"like what?" I asked  cautiously.
"well my cousin owns a bowling ally, and he lets me go for free."
"but wont he wonder why we're not in school?" I asked.
"NoPe." Tori said popping the P "He doesn't really keep track of what day it is."  she said grinning.
 "Okay, but I don't know how to bowl." I said looking at her shoes.
"That's okay, it's easy once you get the hang of it!" Tori said excitedly as she lead me down the street away from the school.







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