I Would Say it if You'd Let Me

This book is inspired by the song Brave by Sara Bareilles.

Why does Abril always zip her lips before the words can escape and defend her?


2. And

~~I tucked my diary and book into my belt and started to climb my favorit tree, an old maple tree, I like it because it has really thick branches I can sit on with out having to hang on.  I also liked it because I can climb so high above everyone that I can see them but they can't see me.
I don't climb as high as I usually do.  I'm just so tired from all of Jenna's taunting I don't have the energy to climb very high.  I found a fork in the tree to sit in about 20 feet of the ground.  I sat down and started to write.
Thursday, March 27th, 2014
Dear, You
Today wasn't much different from normal I got up, brushed my hair and teeth, got dressed and went down stairs with 30 minutes to eat and walk to school.  I could take the bus but Jenna goes on the same bus as me, and I get enough of her through the day with out adding an extra 10 minutes of her taunting.  Anyway I'm in my tree now so no one can call me names and shove me around... I know what your thinking: why would you let them do that? Why wouldn't you stand up for your self?  Well it it's that easy to do.  You see Jenna has this group of girls that always surround her, her "friends" she calls them, but every one knows they are only her "friends" because they don't want to end up like me: being teased and beat up, being called names in your face and behind your back (every where really) and having all your friends turn against you.  Let me tell you, its not a nice feeling to have all your friends turn against you.

I started to read aloud what I had written so far.  That was one of the reasons I love my tree so much, I can say anything I want and no one will hear me.
Just as I finished reading a note dropped in to my lap.  Startled I looked up to see where it had come from.  And there a few branches above me sat a boy, with dark brown hair and bright green eyes looking down at me.  I opened the letter and began to read to myself:
Dear, Whoever you are.
I wasn't wondering either of those things, I just moved here and at my old school, I had the same thing happen to me.  Every day Logan the "Popular" kid with all his "friends" would hit me and tease me, they would take turns hitting me while Logan  stood around  teasing me with things like: What are you, to weak to stand up for your self? He only stopped a little while ago just after he asked me to say something and I just blurted out every thing I had been holding in for the last three years, to be honest I'm not really sure what I said!  But he stopped after that.
You should try it.
I looked up at him and he just waved and climbed down the tree.





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