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24. // New form



Hi guys, I have decided to re open this store as my last covers were tragic so new requests will be a lot better and professional looking I do have some rules that were violated last time around so if you could just read them that would be great.


If you have requested your cover on another store don't request it here, I find it unfair when someone spends a lot of time and effort to have it wasted and replaced, not just consideration for me but the other maker as well.


Please be respectful and patient as I get a lot of request so do not expect your cover to be done in like an hour.


If your story is already published you will have a higher chance of getting a cover than an unpublished one.


If you could credit me in the description that would be great and favourite this story so you  can see when your cover is done. :)


Okay now that is established here is the request form.





ideas: (i.e celebrities, tone and the actual look of the cover)


short blurb: (this is so i can get an idea of the look of the story)



Here is an example of a premade (movellas ruined the quality for some reason)





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