Sad, Perhaps

Melody Andrews- a passive-aggressive straight A student with an obsession with books, TV shows, and of course, a boy. No one thinks she could ever fall in love, but her friends know better. And they have a plan.

Dean Cooper- the class clown, and has incredible luck with the ladies. No, he's not the most popular guy, but he isn't some loser or anything. He's not stupid, either. He's completely normal... That is, until Melody came along.

-For A Great Friend-


2. Dean

"Dean!" Called Riley as I pounded the basketball on the shiny hardwood floor inside the gymnasium. Our championship basketball game was in play, and we were tied. I knew I could easily bluff and toss it to him, so I pretended to pass the ball to Cameron, and while they were distracted I tossed it to Riley. He was the star player of the team. I wasn't bad, just not the best.

He easily tossed it into the goal, and I caught his eye and smiled. He did a fake flip-his-hair-back-gloriously thing that girls do when they're utterly sassy, and I laughed out loud and gave a 'woot!' For my team. They replied with more 'woot!'s and yells of joy. We were now 2 points ahead of them and it was the last 10 seconds of the game.

Riley got the ball inside the hoop in the span of the last second, making the crowd go absolutely insane. I smiled and clapped his shoulder as we entered the locker room and changed. I knew that my friends would be waiting for me outside, so I changed quickly and dried my strawberry blonde hair so it was ruffled a bit.

"Hey, good game. You were practically the reason we won it when you tossed it to Riley in that second to last inning," said Anna, a girl who had been flirting with me for the past year.

See, it wasn't that I didn't want a girlfriend, but none of the girls I knew that well were that interesting. They were all boring, or stupid, or fake. I hated that about girls.

Honestly, the only person who seemed vaguely interesting was Melody. I hardly knew her though, so it couldn't be a crush.

Could it?

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