Black angels

Laney Collins, is a doppelganger. Not only that, her brother is a vampire hunter, and she is in danger. Elizabeth, her evil double, is to return to her town when Shane, or Rosen makes a move on Laney. On the other hand, Rick, the first ever hybrid, gathers his allies, to capture Laney, as her blood is the only blood that makes hybrids.
More, exciting and dangerous quests come along the way, and she finds out secrets of her two best friends.
Cover done by- Lily anna Nightshade :)


10. Planning [Shane's pov]

My brother's a dick. Period. He acts all innocent, he can get anything he wants. 

Just because he's a white angel

It's always been like this. Rosen's the charming one, me, I'm just a flirt. I pick up the ladies, just for a one nightstand. Even now, I'm bad for anyone. 

You might think I'm a bad person. Rosen's just as bad. Maybe, I don't know. But now that we know Rick is back in town, and wanting her blood, Sam thinks we should all stick together.

I didn't want to of course. 

I couldn't stand the fact that Elizabeth chose my brother Rosen, over me. I even despised the fact that he didn't care of how I felt. 

So I turned off my humanity.

If you'll ask me the truth of how you look to prove it, I'm only being honest. I doubt anything will change sooner. Who knows, it could get better. But of course now Rick's back in town, it'll gradually fall apart. 

I should know from experience. Rick had been apart of our lives in the eighteen hundreds, more for Rosen. Rosen was a ripper in the early nineties. Ripper I mean is where he tears off human people's bits n bones and or, just picks on  them for fun. But back to where Rick and Elizabeth were involved in our lives, Rick killed us. Then a witch resurrected us. Only to find out Elizabeth and Rick burnt down this town.

I should tell you this now, the black angels old folk tale, had been real. Because I'm still here. 

It's surprising how we managed to do a good job of hiding the real deal. 

We may look like angels.

But we're truly all devils. 

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