Black angels

Laney Collins, is a doppelganger. Not only that, her brother is a vampire hunter, and she is in danger. Elizabeth, her evil double, is to return to her town when Shane, or Rosen makes a move on Laney. On the other hand, Rick, the first ever hybrid, gathers his allies, to capture Laney, as her blood is the only blood that makes hybrids.
More, exciting and dangerous quests come along the way, and she finds out secrets of her two best friends.
Cover done by- Lily anna Nightshade :)


18. "One question"

Have you ever felt like someone has stabbed you in the chest? Taken something out of your life by force? Have you ever regretted something, and you wanted to go back in time to make sure it never happened? Staring down at a close relative grave, regretting every bad thing you did? Whine, complain, back-chat to them? When they said 'I love you' to show that they care for you... you completely ignore it and do your own thing? Wearing the color black, resembles the mood I'm feeling. 

Depression, hatred- all of the negative emotions running wildly in me- waiting ever so patiently for me to give up and let the grieve consume my body system. I was holding a black rose, and a red rose in one hand, clutching them carefully. The petals were soft and silky- delicate. And I soon released them, landing directly at the grave bed. Covered with flowers to hide the soil. 

       "I love you too Christine..." I mumbled, trying to keep back my tears. As soon as the funeral departed, I was alone with Rosen. We were both perched up on a log talking about our regrets and failures. It was easy talking to Rosen. What cheered me up the most was how deep, luring and mysterious his voice was. 


  "Everything will be okay, Laney, you know that, right?" He reassured me, wrapping one arm around my shoulder. I turned around to face him properly. I shook my head, but I faked a smile. No one knew whether everything was going to be okay. Rosen wiped a that was running down my face. I didn't feel that tear. I smiled faintly at him. He was scanning my eyes curiously and he was placing his broad muscular hand on my cheek to stroke it carefully. 

    "We don't know whether it's the end yet... I can tell this is just the beginning..." He started, waiting for my protest. "I'll protect you as much as I can..." 

Rosen drew me in closer towards him, pressing his forehead against mine. I didn't hesitate to step back or anything, because, I wanted this. I needed this. A sixteen year old- who's never been kissed. But no- this is actually happening. His lips were crashed against mine, his hands were now roaming around my waist. My arms were wrapped around his neck.  But for some reason, I felt completely guilty. It was almost as if something was telling me 'No Laney don't do this' but I was ignoring that negative emotion in me. I loved the feel of his soft, moist lips. He was wearing men spray today. I managed a smile because of my thoughts running freely in me. I felt safe with Rosen. There was just something about him... that made me feel happy, wanted. I drew back hesitantly as I heard Shane cough for attention. His face darkened, and I noticed his fists clenching. 

       "Can we save the lovey dovey stuff for later? The crazy-ass bitch Elizabeth is still out there, and we need to destroy her,"  He growled. Rosen's eyes widened in alarm. I tensed up softly as he gripped tightly on my hand. 

Then I realized the clouds were turning black, raining fresh warm blood, the area erupting with screams and tears.

"Lets go!" Shane roared along with Rosen, taking me by the arms quickly with no hesitation. Then I realized we needed Samantha.

"W-wait! Where's Samantha?" I yelled among the screams of the funeral people, and other by passers. No one knew where she had been. 

 "Let's just get out of here and we'll find her!" Shane yelled back, pulling me into his car. After that Shane and Rosen got themselves into the front seats, completely ignoring my protests.

Then I realized.

This was just truly the beginning.

The beginning of the end. 




-To be continued- 

End of book 1

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