Black angels

Laney Collins, is a doppelganger. Not only that, her brother is a vampire hunter, and she is in danger. Elizabeth, her evil double, is to return to her town when Shane, or Rosen makes a move on Laney. On the other hand, Rick, the first ever hybrid, gathers his allies, to capture Laney, as her blood is the only blood that makes hybrids.
More, exciting and dangerous quests come along the way, and she finds out secrets of her two best friends.
Cover done by- Lily anna Nightshade :)


7. Hallucinating

    I stared at my reflection in the foggy bathroom mirror for a long time. I knew this strange feeling I had in me all too well. I was nervous. I hated the fact I had bad social confident skills, but going to a new school, halfway through the term would be more difficult for me.  Everyone else was going to be in their groups, and I'd be stuck as the loner again. My hair was straight, long and dark hazel brown, almost like a black color. My paleness won't help me fit in with the crowd either, I look like a Goth- but maybe, I'll fit in there, but I'm not too sure about that though. I heard some one knock on the bathroom door at least three times impatiently.


       "Laney, come on! You've been in there for half an hour!" My brothers voice mumbled through the door, almost sounding like a grumpy zombie. I sighed frustratingly, hearing my brothers voice at seven O'clock in the morning complaining at me. I twirled around to face the bathroom door, seeing what seemed like wet red paint trickling down the door.


Laney Collins I shall bury you in a deep coffin


 I found myself screaming, my head started pounding and my ears started ringing, making my body system sting in agonizing pain. I collapsed awkwardly on the white tiled floor, and glanced up the door again seeing the message vanish completely. I blinked up in alarm, and I pulled myself up from the ground. Great. I'm now a freak. I grabbed the door handle, as I stood a few inches away. I took in a deep breath, and twisted until it clicked open. I pulled in a deep breath again and pushed it open, seeing my brother, Simon look down at me in surprise. With his black, bushy eyebrows raised in confusion.


        "Are you okay? I heard screaming," Simon questioned, with a hint of concern in his tone. I looked around the hall way uncomfortably, trying to think of a way out of this conversation. I started stammering, and I suddenly felt a rush of heat consume me, and I felt utterly embarrassed in front of my own brother.


      "Yeah," I started, nodding slowly and uncomfortably. "Maybe it was the lady next door screaming as she was exercising," I lied, feeling my face go completely red. It was a stupid lie, I'd be surprised to see if Simon actually fell for it. But he didn't really say anything, he sighed awkwardly though, and headed towards the bathroom. I felt completely lost, and yet I had no idea why. I darted down the stairs, and my footsteps echoed against the oak wood flooring as I made my way downstairs. I stopped awkwardly and smelt pancakes coming from the kitchen, and followed the smell, seeing my aunt Christine, at the stove.


    "Pancakes?" I asked, smiling. I had never seen my aunt cook, it was just surprising. I walked over to the circular brown wooden table, and sat down on a matching chair that was tucked underneath it. My aunt grinned and removed the frying pan that had the pancake in and onto a white dinner plate.


   "It's apparently a way to help build up your confidence in your new school," She started, seasoning the pancake with cinnamon. "How are you feeling?" She asked, passing over the plate with the pancake to me. I grabbed the plate and placed it down on the table and started slicing it into tiny bite sized pieces. I swallowed one down, feeling confused. My aunt was actually trying to parent me. She didn't really care of what me and my brother got up to. I felt like the whole world was changing everyone's personalities.


    "In one word? Nervous," I breathed, finishing the last of my pancake. I gripped tightly on the edge of the plate, and walked over to the sink to dunk it in there. I spun round to face my aunt, who was smiling a little. She wore large silver hoop earrings, her mousy curly hair was up in a pony tail, and she was wearing a simple, but nice outfit. White vest-top, and denim jeans to show of her curves.


    "I'll drive you, I'm off to the news station anyway, working," She insisted, chirping up in excitement. I blinked at her in surprise, and nodded. I couldn't possibly refuse the offer, I mean, that would be too rude of me. I threw on my black jacket, and grabbed my worn out navy green bag, pulling it over my shoulder as my aunt grabbed the Mercedes Benz car keys. She opened the double, deep reddish-brown doors for me to walk out. I smiled faintly at her, showing my gratitude. By the time we were in the car, my aunt already switched on the radio and rock music started to suddenly boom out of the small speakers.  It was drizzling slightly, and the weather was foggy and murky. Finding the school wasn't even that difficult. The school was like most things, just off the highway. It wasn't that obvious that it was a high school, it was just a huge sign declaring that the property was 'Canterbury Christ university'.  It looked like a collection of houses joined in together, built with maroon-colored bricks.  There was so many trees and shrubs I couldn't see it at first, but the only question that was running wild in my mind was: Where was the feel of institution? Where were the chain-link fences, the metal detectors? We parked in front of the first building addressed 'OFFICE'. No one else was parked there, so I thought that it was off-limits. But I informed my aunt that I would decide to get directions instead of asking strangers around the school, or circling around in the rain looking like a lost puppy. I stepped unwillingly out of my aunts car, and walked down a little stone path lined with dark hedges. I took a deep breath, before opening the door. 

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