Black angels

Laney Collins, is a doppelganger. Not only that, her brother is a vampire hunter, and she is in danger. Elizabeth, her evil double, is to return to her town when Shane, or Rosen makes a move on Laney. On the other hand, Rick, the first ever hybrid, gathers his allies, to capture Laney, as her blood is the only blood that makes hybrids.
More, exciting and dangerous quests come along the way, and she finds out secrets of her two best friends.
Cover done by- Lily anna Nightshade :)


5. First sight

*listen to Bastille- Icarus*

Laney Collins jolted upright in bed, she was listening intently to the mysterious vibe, during around the time of midnight. She felt as if someone was watching her in her room. But she wasn't too keen on that thought either. Laney pulled up the violet double duvet to the top of her chest, suddenly feeling uncomfortable. She heard nothing though, but she felt something dark and mysterious lurking over her whilst she was sleeping. The energy in the room felt different to her, and it was creeping slowly and uncomfortably up her pale skin. 

          "Simon?" She called her brother nervously, hoping it was him in the room just trying to scare her. 

No reply. 

Laney rolled her eyes in frustration, maybe it was the nightmare she had that was spooking her. The death of her mother, that is. She lives with her aunt now. But she was there, when her mother died, in a typical car crash, herself, and her brother and father survived because they were no where near where the damage of the car was. No one had been arguing or anything, it was just that her mother lost distraction and took a wrong turn. She turned over to her dark, oak bedside cabinet, and flicked on the reading light. Laney scanned the room, but she stayed put in her bed. The room looked the same. Creamy pale walls, and posters of her favorite bands and TV shows, and photos of previous events were pinned up on the walls to make it look more lively. No one was in her room. But she felt somebody's presence. She gulped nervously, and flicked of the reading light, she then rolled over to the other side of the bed, and buried herself among the thick duvet for safety. 

Be careful of those who you meet 

Danger lurks in your street

You have no way out of this Laney Collins

I shall bury you in a deep coffin 

Laney gasped in horror, no one was saying that out loud. It was chanting continuously in her mind, and it wasn't her voice, or a voice she recognized. It was a male's, English, deep dark voice. His words were clear, as if his lips were moving slowly so she could understand his voice in her head. Crap she thought, closing her eyes. I need to sleep, new day tomorrow. She was right about that, she's starting a new school, in the middle of the term. She didn't want to look horrible and tired. But her paleness and dark brown flat long hair made her look scary anyway, of what she thought. Not only that, she had nothing expensive to wear to school either. So she's stuck with jeans, and plain tops. Her eyelids suddenly felt heavy again, her mind was going blank. And she was soon resting, but it wasn't a peaceful sleep as the rain started attacking her windows. It was more of an uncomfortable sleep.

But this time, she didn't dream. Which was one thing, she was absolutely happy about. 



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