Black angels

Laney Collins, is a doppelganger. Not only that, her brother is a vampire hunter, and she is in danger. Elizabeth, her evil double, is to return to her town when Shane, or Rosen makes a move on Laney. On the other hand, Rick, the first ever hybrid, gathers his allies, to capture Laney, as her blood is the only blood that makes hybrids.
More, exciting and dangerous quests come along the way, and she finds out secrets of her two best friends.
Cover done by- Lily anna Nightshade :)


4. Characters bio

Laney Collins-

Age: 16 

Height: 5"6

Human Doppelganger 

Description: Dark, hazel brown long hair, no fringe. Pale white, brown eyes. Everyday outfits are usually denim jeans, vest tops or long-sleeved tops. Deep, cherry red lips. Perfect thin eyebrows. Blemish free.


Her mother died when she was seven in a car crash, her father ran away because he couldn't handle to raise her and her brother. The last time she ever heard from her father was her twelfth birthday, which was a card with money in it. She moved in with her aunt, along with her brother.

Rosen Sharp:

Age: 18

Height: 6"4

Immortal: White angel

Description: Reddish-brown hair, pale white like his brother. He usually wears casual, simple outfits like grey t-shirts, jeans and trainers. His figure is broad and muscular. 

Past: He died in 1806 due to Leukemia. An unknown witch resurrected him to become a white angel. His mortal enemy is his brother, not only that they share the same love for Laney, but Laney helps rebuilds their brotherly relationship in time. 

Samantha Hues: 

Age: 16

height: 5"11


Description- Honey blonde wavy hair, perfectly tanned. Outfits, are anything from expensive designer shops. Eyes are crystal-blue. 

Past- her father cheated on her mother with a receptionist in the police department. Her mother is the chief police of the town. She is simply the best friend of Laney, and the most popular girl in the school. 

Zoe Bennett-

Age: 16

height: 5"4 


Description: Dark tanned, black metallic long hair that shimmers in the sunlight. Eyes are a deep brown color. Usual outfits, vintage, or plain. 

Past: Her parents died and she is not sure of the cause of her parents death. She lives with her grandma, who helps her with magic spells. 

Shane Sharp-

Age: 19

height: 6"8

Immortality:Dark Angel

Description: Black chopped up messy hair, pale white like freshly fallen snow. His eyes are golden-brown. Figure is broad, and muscular. Usual everyday outfit, mostly every thing black because he believe's it'll make him look more frightening and mysterious. 

Elizabeth Swan: 

Age: 19

height: 5"6

Description: Dark, hazel brown long hair, no fringe, curly. Pale white, brown eyes. Everyday outfits are usually denim jeans, black designer tops and high-heel boots. Deep, cherry red lips. Perfect thin eyebrows. Blemish free. 


Past- Family died to Elizabeth making a deal with the wrong vampires, she has been on the run ever since. She was part of a rich, and wealthy family, and she had seduced Rosen and Shane. Which also was part of the cause of how their family relationship broke. 

Rick Tucker-

Age: 24 

Height: 6"9

Hybrid [Vampire/werewolf] 

Description:  mousy flat hair, with a stubble beard. He always wears a long chain necklace with a black cross dangling from the end. He's pale, and his usual every day outfits are black. 

Past- He made a deal with Elizabeth, which was the cause of her family's death, not only that, he was the first ever hybrid to be made. He killed all of his family, besides his sister, Angelica, who was a vampire already at the time. 

Simon Collins:

Age: 17

Height:  5"14

Vampire hunter

Description: A sort of Gothic look, black thick hair, and his fringe moved to one side. He wears dark T-shirts of his favorite rock bands, and black skinny jeans. 

Past- He is related to Laney, only they barely communicate with each other. Not after their parent's accident anyway. He became a stoner, which is a person who smokes drugs. He usually gets the drugs of his two best friends, John and Steven. 



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