Justin is the CEO of a world wide company,he used to be so sweet but now he is abusive,I love justin
But what he is giving me is not love,it's bruised love but on one condition and one condition only to OBEY!


2. Prologue

I looked at the clock.


It was almost six.


Justin should be home any minute.


I made sure that all of the utensils were in line and the food wasn't cold nor hot.


I made sure that the glass of wine was perfectly clean and the wine was still cold.


The door opened.


Justin's hair was sticking up-meaning he had a rough day.


Justin works as a CEO of a very important business.


He's always at work but I love him.


"Sit." he demanded,i did as I was told.


"Did you clean the house today?".


"Yes,i even waxed the floors" he nodded.


"Good girl".


As he slowly ate his food,he nodded telling me I did a good job.


"I'm going to take a shower" he kissed my forehead,going upstairs.


I waited a while for him to come out of the bathroom.


He did and he was fully dressed,but his face showed he was not happy.


"Come here." he spat,he grabbed my arm,squeezing it.


"Ouch,justin,you are hurting me."


He brought me to the bathroom,grabbing my hair,hr shoved my head near the bathtub.


"What is this?" he yelled.


I looked and all of my body washes and shampoo bottles were laying in the bottom if the bathtub,with the caps open.


"I thought you said you cleaned!"


"I did,i must have forgot--"


"Forgot? Hah.forgot! you lied! you know I hate liars." he spat again.


I whimpered as I was slammed to the ground.


Justin lifted his foot and kicked me in the stomach,making me curl into a ball.


He then lifted me by my hair,smacking my face and pushing me into the side of the tub.


I slid on the floor and I felt Justin's spit land on my arm.


"Clean up this mess,then sleep on the floor tonight,you disgust me."


Tears Welled up in my eyes as he left,they eventually streamed gallantly down my face.


I started to sob,looking now at my bruised stomach from the side.


I cleaned the bathroom.

And bandaged myself up.


I LOVE justin.


But the love he gives me is not love.


It's bruised loved.


Under one condition and one condition only.


It to do one thing.




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