Justin is the CEO of a world wide company,he used to be so sweet but now he is abusive,I love justin
But what he is giving me is not love,it's bruised love but on one condition and one condition only to OBEY!


7. chapter 4

Normal pov:

I started my cleaning routine,i didn't have a lot to clean since I cleaned yesterday.

After I was done,i cooked the food we are going to eat then I took a shower because I feky sweaty.ew.

I sat on the couch now dressed in black sweats and a light blue crop too that showed my stomach and my belly piercing,i did it two weeks ago,and justin didn't notice or maybe he noticed and ignored it.

I looked at the clock,justin is an hour late now.

I went and started re heating the food and cooling his wine again.

I heard the door slam shit but I didn't hear the locking sound.

Typical justin always forgets to lock it.

I love him with all his little moves and details.

I got the food quickly and the wine while he sat on the couch.

"cRYSTAL" he yelled.

"Yes,jay" I said looking down.

"I'm so tired from work today"

And Q work for me.

I ran to him,kissed him on the cheek,took off his jacket,untied his tie,took of his shoes and socks.

I ran upstairs prepared a bath in five minutes then went

down to find him eating.

"Your bubble shower is ready jay and your massage cream,do you want me to do anything else?" I asked trying to not add sir and roll my eyes,i feel like a maid and it breaks me that he probably sees me as a free maid and a good fuck.

He nodded satisfied.

"No thanks,sit and eat"

I nodded.

I stared eating.

After 15 minutes....

Justin stood up and washed his hands and came to hug me but he freezes meter away.

His eyes turning black with angry,what did I do now.

"What is that?" he faked pointing at me in general.

"The outfit?i'll umm..go change"

"The belly ring" he stated.

"I swear I didn't go out,i did that two weeks ago when you allowed me out" I quickly. explained .

I took a look at him,he is now wearing sweat pants and a white v neck.

I looked at the floor.

"Come.here.NOW" he screamed at me.

I started shaking and my tears starting falling while I took steps to stand infront if him.

"NEVER EVER DO ANYTHING BEHIND MY BACK,hear me you bitch?i own you,YOU ARE MINE" he screamed again but this time yanking my hair.

"I'm not a property jay,im your girlfriend and I love you" I said sobbing between every word.

He laughed dryly.

"Not a property!!??"

"You are a property like my little slave,say it,say that you are my little Slave" he said slapping me.

I didn't speak.im still in shock.

He grabbed his belt from the closet near the door,i was about to run but he caught me,pushing me on the floor.

"SAY IT!" he demanded hitting my butt with belt.

I turned around.

"Stand up against the wall,now" I didn't want more bearing so i did as he said.

"S..ss..sor..sorry...im really sorry"

He slammed the belt against the skin of my back.

"Say IT"

"I'm your Slave"

He slammed it harder this time against my butt.

"Ahhhhhhh,im your slave" I screamed with pain.

"P..pp...pl..plea..please....j..jj..jussssstin....s.sstop...im..your..s..slave...and ...I .....wo...ww...wont...d...ddddd....do....it...again" I managed to say between words.

He was about to slam it at me again when the front door slammed open.


He looked shocked and SCARED.

I fell to the floor fully sobbing now.

His dad came in too.

"What u guys doing here?we should be coming tomorrow?" he asked.

"We came early to surprise you but apparently u..SURPRISED US" his dad finished for pattie.

She ran towards me and tried to make me stand but she failed.

Justin came my way to carry me but I just sobbed more and started to crawl away.

For the first time in a long time,justin held me softly,bride style.

"Pp...please...im sorry...dont hit me please" I said fisting his shirt.

He layed me on my stomach on the Couch.

"Justin come with me" his dad said.

Pattie started to fix the injuries and clean them,but I didn't tell her about the one on my butt.

After she was done I felt better.

I sat up but fell down again from pain.

"Sweetie lay down"

"But justin wil---" I started but she butted in.

"Will do nothing" she stressed on nothing.

"Do you want to live with me or I can drive you where u want" she offered.

"No thanks" I smiled at her.

"Why you wanna stay here,with my son who I figured to be a monster to you"

"He doesn't do this except when I do something wrong" I defended him still.

"What did you do,though even if you cheated he had no right to do this,he should just break up" she said.

"I pierced my belly button" I whispered.

Her eyes went wide.

"tHATS IT???!!"

I nodded.

"Why you still want to stay with him?"

"Because...i...i love him so much, I can't livewith out him,he is like my air"

She smiled at me kidding my forehead.

Justin's pov>>>>

"SIT" my dad demanded pointing at me desk chair.

I sat down.

"WHY?" he asked.

"I'm sorry"

"Go apologize to her not me"

Apologize,yeah right .

"Justin drew bieber,you know that boyfriend,your sister have?"

I nodded,jazzy is just sixteen though.

"He is beating her"


"I already fixed that problem after he beated her once and by beating I mean one slap." he raised one finger.

"Do you love crystal?"

Of course I adore her,i just want her to stay innocent,not pierce her belly.

"I do"

"Then why?"

"I just can't control my anger dad" I rubbed my head.

"Control it or I'll take her from you to live with your mom,okay?"

I nodded.

"If you want something ask nicely" he said.

"She won't obey"

"She doesn't have to but did you ever try?im sure she'll be under your feet if you treated her like a princess"

"Just one month,and if your ways failed I'll go back to mine" I smirked.

"Fine justin"

We walked out of my home office to the living room.

"Because...i...i love him so much, I can't livewith out him,he is like my air" I heard crystal say.

I felt a huge wave of guilt fire through me for the first time in years.

She sAys she loves me with out I demand it.

We didn't have sex before

I really love crystal.

Let's see if I asked her nicely ,would she sleep with me?

I walked in the living room.

My mom went to my dad.

"We will come back again justin,next week" my mom said. Glaring at me.

I held her hand before she went out.

"Sorry I'll fix it" I whispered in her ear then kissed her on the cheek,she hugged me then walked away.

I turned to crystal and started talking.

I held her hand...."Starting from today I promise I'll treat you like a princess" I stated smiling at her and he smiled back pulling me in for a hug.

Oh how much i love this girl and I'm going to treat her like old days like my heart wants to treat her,like a princess ......


Sorry for the late update guys but the goal,if it's reached I update,If not I don't ....Ty 4 supporting this I love u all a lot <3




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