Justin is the CEO of a world wide company,he used to be so sweet but now he is abusive,I love justin
But what he is giving me is not love,it's bruised love but on one condition and one condition only to OBEY!


6. chapter 3

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-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------normal p,o,v:

*next morning*

i woke up on a feeling of something touching my neck,my eyes opened to be met by justin's who is kissing me on the neck.

i giggled which caused him to chuckle.

"morning babe" i mumbled.

"morning hun" he replied,giving me one more kiss but full on the lips this time,i smiled and he smiled back.

"shouldn't you be at work?" i asked once i noticed that he is two hours late,oh my god,he will snap at me,i usually wake him up.

"why?you want me to go early so you can bring another guys and fuck them ?" his voice raised and his eyes normal hazel color are turning black.

"no,i swear not j,i was just worried that you will be late for work" i said sitting up on the bed,incase i needed to somehow protect myself.

he came my way and slapped me,then held my brown locks between his fingers saying "is i ever,ever find out you are cheating on me,i swear to god crystal i'll cut you to million pieces,that they won't be able to collect in order to put you in a grave,do you hear me?" he spat while my tears streamed down my face.

i nodded then he let go,he  went threw his walk in closet and chose a suit and a tie,he came out,threw them on bed and went to the toilet.

i hurried and stood up,went to the other toilet,done my usual routine and went out quickly,so breakfast would be finished by the time his foot hit the last stair case.

i started doing breakfast,when i was finally done,his foot steps rang threw my ears,by the time he was sitting in the dinning room like he always does ,i was putting his orange juice glass in it's place.

"set down" he ordered,i did what i was told to do.

"eat" he said in the duh tone,i was hungry,so eating wasn't an issue,i started eating,by the time i was done,i put down the fork and the knife,and yes we have to eat breakfast with those because justin wants that.

he stood up and washed his hands,and i washed mine too when he was spraying some perfume.

i went out of the bathroom to find him starring at the mirror beside the door like he is studying rocket science,while he tried to tie his tie  properly.

i giggled and he looked my way and smiled,i know jay,he wouldn't ask for help,ever.

i went to him,took by hand sat him down and got on my knees and started tie-ing it.

i was done the i looked up at him yo find him already smiling at me,oh i love that smile,it reminds me of the old justin,i miss him so much.

i pecked  his lips softly but he captured my lips in another long kiss,the i let go.

"i love you C"

"i love you to jay" i smiled.

"by the way,we are going to visit my family tomorrow" he said while he was looking for the keys he ALWAYS misplaced.

i giggled,"okay and your keys are on the book shelf".

he looked at me,amused,then started looking for them where i told him that he would find them.

he chuckled.

"nice,real nice,blue,now you also remember where i put my keys" he said with a goofy toothy smile,damn it's been so long till i saw one of those.

"yup,gotta keep my man satisfied" i said while biting my lips,because i don't want that smile to ever go away.

what's funny,that we have been together that long time and he never took my v card,even when he turned abusive.

his eyes turned black but not from anger but lust.

"don't tease me if you can't please me,blue" he said.

"sir,yes,sir" i fake saluted him.

he laughed and went away after mumbling crazy girl.

oh my,i miss that  justin.

i better not mess things up tomorrow,except if i want to be beaten infront of his family,though i really doubt that he would do that infront of his family,especially his mom.


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