Justin is the CEO of a world wide company,he used to be so sweet but now he is abusive,I love justin
But what he is giving me is not love,it's bruised love but on one condition and one condition only to OBEY!


5. chapter 2

"who do you think yoiu are ?" 


"what are you talking about jay?" i asked inoccently.


"you broke three of my rules today,do i have to refresh my mind?" he spat holding up 3 fingers.


i gulbed as he came my way then grabbed my arm and forced my to sit on the couch.


"first you called my work phone to leave the house without me" he said holding up 1 finger.


"second,you spend my money with out my permission to get your nails done" he clenched his jaw whiile he held up another finger.


"then you eat macdonalds" by now he was yelling.


"justin,i'm sorry"i whimpered.




"children never listen but adults do,that's why if you are not going to act like an adult you'll be punished as a child as long as you don't listen " he picked me up to the bedroom and dropped me in the corner of the bedroom.


"face the wall and think about what you have done" he spat then chuckled evilly.


then he walked out,locking the door behind him.


tears started to stream down my face.


i always try to not cry infront of justin because i don't know how he would react to crying.


i couldn't move because if justin found out,he would beat me.


i look like a child sitting in the corner with my nose facing the wall.


i'm not a child,but to him,i guess that's how he sees me.


i silently cried waiting for him to come in any moment to say he is sorry.


that's what he always does and finds a special way to make it up to me.


i listened as his car left the driveway and started to drive down the road.


he is either driving to cool of or buy me a gift.it's what he usually does.


one time he beated me and i ended up getting a totally gold special edition i phone 5 with the word 'jay' engraved on it from the back but you can bearly see it,i'm sure that phone coasted a fortune and a new matching laptop and he gave them to me by the end of a very romantic date.


i had 3 peacful and loving days from justin,then everything went back to normal.


he says he loves me but sometimes i have doubts.


he always yells at me,beat me,call me names,but then he buys me gifts,tries to be sweet to me,but the next day something happens that makes him upset and he blows his top.


he is bipolar and he is aggressive wihch make things worse.


he wasn't always evil,the first year of being together,he was the perfect boyfriend,i was 16 and he was 19,it was the perfect relation ship,we were the cutest couple ever.


the second year was when it's all started after i moved in with him by a while but this year must be the worse.


our anniversery is after 2 months.


after 2 months we will start our forth year of being together.


if i live that far and didn't die from pain........


i heard his car pull in the driveway,i straightened up,wiping my tears,i heard the door open and his footstep coming up the stairs.he stopped at the door.


"babe" he said softly,"my hands are full,can you open the door for me ?" i slowely stood up and walked to the door,also opening it slowely.


he came in and placed two boxes on the bed then he sat down beside them on the edge of the bed.


he gestured for me to come his way but i looked down and didn't move.


"come here baby,i won't hurt you and i'm sorry about earlier" he said and i started walking his way and ended up standing between his ligs.


he held my waist which hurt but i kept my mouth shut.


then he sat me down on his lap.


he kissed my cheeck and handed me a big bouqet of red roses,i half smiled.


then he gave me the first box and i started opening it and it has a black baseball jacket with the word 'bieber's' written on it in purple,i giggled.


"justin,that's so cute" he smiled,and kissed my cheeck again.


"whay can i say? gotta mark my property" he winked with that playful smirk playing on his lips,that's how my old justin used to be,all the time.


i hit his shoulder playfully,then i remembered that he would be mad so is said sorry with out daring to look at his face.


he laughed.


"about what baby,you are my baby girl,you can do what you want to me" he said,i pecked his lips.


"keep going" he ushered pointing to the boxes,i nodded,then opened the second box.


"OH MY GOD,justin are these gucci?!!" i jumped up,he laughed while nodding.


"yeah,do you like them?" he asked.


"like them? i love them! but isn't this expensive?" i asked him.


"yeah,but anything for you" i blushed.


"i'm really sorry babe" he said rapping me in his arms.


"it's okay,jay" i kissed his cheeck.


he shook his head no then pointed to his lips.


i leaned in and kissed him on the lips,but then he squeezed my ass,so i opened my mouth,causing him to use his tung to battle mine,he layed on the bed not breaking the kiss then he turned us over that he would be on top of me.


he guided his hands all over my body.


"no one ever would touch you,or kiss you like i do" he said.


i nodded.


then he let me go.


"why don't you try those on with the dress i got you last time?" he asked winking.


i got up and walked to the bathroom to try those heels with the dress he got me the last time he beat me.

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