Justin is the CEO of a world wide company,he used to be so sweet but now he is abusive,I love justin
But what he is giving me is not love,it's bruised love but on one condition and one condition only to OBEY!


3. chapter 1

Crystal pov:

I woke up on the floor,my back aching and my head was pounding.

I went downstairs and saw justin in his suit.

"Baby,can you come here for a minute?" he asked me.

I slowly and cautiously walked towards him.

He grabbed my waist and pressed his lips on mine.

"I'm sorry baby" he whispered,still kissing me.

"It's okay justin." I looked at his chest and his tie was untied.

I quickly bent down and tied it and he smiled down at me.

He pecked my lips once again,over and over.

"Justin" I giggled,"go to work!you're going to be late.we don't want that,do we?"

"Alright,alright,i'm going,love you."

"I love you too".he grabbed his briefcase and walked out if the door.

I looked down at my arms that were healing.

My side is the problem,its bruised,pretty bad.

I did the dishes and cleaned the house,putting all the items in order.

I put up the dishes in their color coded cabinet,then ironed all of the clothes.

I went into the closets and made sure that they were put together by color,and that all of the walls were bleached.

Everything looked absolutely spotless.

I went into the shower and took a hot shower,then I cleaned the tub and straightened the bathroom completely.

Since I was finished,i decided I would go out.

I'm not allowed to go with out asking,so I'll just tell assistant to tell him that I went out.

So I dialed his business number.

"Hello,this john candy,mr bieber's assistant,how may I help you?".

"Hello john,its Justin's girlfriend crystal,can you tell him that I went out?".

John is gay but he is so amazing.

"Of course crystal,he is in a meeting right now but I'll tell him as soon as he gets out".

"Okay thank you".

I hung up the phone and grabbed some money and went out the door to my car.

I drove to a nail salon and walked in.

"Hello what can we do for you today?" a polite Asian lady said.

"Can I get this?" I showed her a picture of a manicure I had on my phone.

"Of course,that will be fifty dollars please".i handed her the money and my nails were done in an hour.

I grabbed a bite to eat from macdonalds,then drove home.

I have to hide the macdonalds bag.

Justin says that macdonalds makes you fat and he can't have a fat girlfriend.

I walked inside the house and saw Justin's shoes by the door.

Why is he home?!!

I'm going to get punished,just great.

"Who do you think you are?" justin spat at me.

I gulped.

God,please help me.

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