painfully in love you

a girl that wants to live her dream, show and make people hear her voice
she goes to the x-factor and guess who does she fall in love with ? of course its one of her bestfriend's mates but who ?
what is going to happen ?
and why did they break up ?
is she and her boyfriend's friend together ?
is she going to marry someone else ?
you will know all of this if you read the story
hope you like it
( i know i am stupid at this ,but whatever)


7. stupid zayn

Lauren's p.o.v.

i got over what happened ,by james who started telling really funny jokes 

me and him are now sitting on the chairs in the corner  of the room , i was looking around the people that are dancing  to the loud music

well, most of the people in here  i didn't know but it's fine 

i started laughing really hard when i saw zayn ,he was totally drunk

he was  walking towards me ,and his leg hit the couch "you stupid couch , get off the way " he said hitting it with his leg again , he yelled really loud and held his leg and started jumping around like a kangaroo , and that moment i started laughing again 

he sat beside me and wrapped one arm around my shoulder "hay beautiful , wanna have some fun ?" he asked winking at me , and that made me laugh even harder 

"oh boy , you are SOOO drunk " i told him while i am still laughing  

"i am wide awake " he said and his head fell on mine , i mean it FELL

"ya i see , wait, where is Jessie ? " i asked him , and James looked at me with a frown and his eyes darkened  , but when he saw me looking at him he turned his face to another direction 

"and how are you drunk " i said looking back at zayn

" i opened your dad's fridge  " zayn said 

"how there is a key  " ya my dad has his own fridge in his room because me and my brother eat everything and he hid his drinks from us there.

" it was under his pillow " he said , and i sight

"see here is Jessica go to here" i said pushing him , he went to a wrong girl so i stood up and pulled him from her 

"dumbo , that's not her" i whispered to him 

"no ? " he asked , oh boy he lost his mind

"no,thats her " i said pointing at the right girl  , she was wearing a cute ,short ,sky blue dress , with her hair in a perfect messy bun 

" hay " i walked to her pulling zayn with me 

"hay " she replayed , laughing at zayn

"bye , i will leave you tow together " i said turning to zayn mouthing 'don't do anything stupid '

he nodded and i walked back to james , he was in deep thought and when i touched his shoulder from the back he jumped and stood up so quickly " umm , what did she tell you? " he asked looking a bit of nervous and angry , and that scared me 

"n-nothing i did-n-n't really tal-l-k to her" i said panicking 

" ohh" he said and sat back down

"iam ....... going to the bathroom " i said walking upstairs , i wasnt going to the bathroom , i wanted to set in my room for a minute  

when i went inside i saw .....................................



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