painfully in love you

a girl that wants to live her dream, show and make people hear her voice
she goes to the x-factor and guess who does she fall in love with ? of course its one of her bestfriend's mates but who ?
what is going to happen ?
and why did they break up ?
is she and her boyfriend's friend together ?
is she going to marry someone else ?
you will know all of this if you read the story
hope you like it
( i know i am stupid at this ,but whatever)



warning : i  can say that this chapter is a little dirty 


Lauran's p.o.v.

when i got inside the room i saw zayn naked on top of Jessica on MY bed

i gasped ,and he looked at me but didn't stop what he was doing he just lent down and kissed her ,i walked towards the bed and hit him with the pillow that was on the ground ,

you will think i should turn my face because he have nothing on but he is always naked so i didn't feel shy or something

"WHAT?" he yelled standing up , oh and she is naked too , god how stupid am i , i turned my face when i saw her , and she covered her self with the blanket  fast

"NOTHING YOUR ONLY NAKED ON MY BED , IN MY ROOM , ON TOP OF A GIRL THAT YOU STARTED DATING YESTERDAY AND YELLING AT ME" i yelled back at him and he turned around angrily and went to put his clothes back on , Jessica did the same , i waited for them to put there clothes on ,still giving them my back cause i didn't want to look at them , 

" you can turn your face now" Zayn said , when i did Jessica was fully clothed , but zayn was still naked

she was still blushing really hard , she was embarrassed that i came in ,of course

then she whispered something to Zayn and went downstairs half running 

when she left Zayn walked up to me (still naked) he suddenly  turned me around , pushed me and my back hit  the wall and he lent closer

"Zayn what the fuck are you doing " i said to zayn trying to push him off of me but he was stronger , and he got closer to me making me scared, 

" love , why so scared " he said , 

"Zayn , don't do this , oh my god you are so drunk you smell horrible ,get away from me" i said trying to sound strong enough ,while pushing him again 

but he pushed me harder on the wall , 

"LAURAN " i can here john (my brother) calling me

"zayn let me go , he will kill you , if i didn't " i said getting angry but at the same time worried for him because i know zayn will be dead if jack hit him

zayn lent down and kissed me hard on the lips i tried pushing him but that still didn't work , a tear slipped down my face , when i started thinking he is going to hurt me

he looked at me right in the eye and when he saw the hurt and pain i am feeling he let go of me , i stood there shocked of what just happened and i fell to the ground crying zayn went to my bathroom to put his clothes on 

and then jack came inside and when he saw me crying he asked me " are you okay ? why are you crying? " 

" no i am fine , i just remember mum" i said and stood up then went downstairs running when i saw James i ran into his arms and cry on his chest, but he pulled away and help my face between his hands , i was shivering

"whats wrong , love , why you so scared " he said and i remembered zayn,s words

'love , why so scared'  

i started crying even harder , and ran to were i always go to my secret  garden, behind the bushes , were there is the green trees and beautiful blue river 

 it is a secret no one knows about it , its only me, zayn, James , jack and mum , when i want to cry or when i feel stressed i come here , there is one more secret in there that no one knows about it ,

if someone jumps across the river and go more deep between the trees , there is a new different life in there , me and my mum ,when i was younger ,we used to come there and grow all types and colors of flowers, we grow fruits also , my dad think i always go buy from somewhere and he said that it is one of the best fruits he have ever eaten

when i am happy and in the best mode i go there and grow more things ,i do still take care of that place alone

even if we moved out of this house i wont forget this place

i sat under the same tree that i always set under ,i know James wont come this time 

i threw my head back  closing my eyes , trying to stop the tears but what happened is i fell asleep and i was freezing 


i heard someone calling my name and i think it is Jack ,  i didnt open my eyes  i didn't dare to open my eyes , i can feel that he was looking at me with his face infront of me 

i opened my eyes and was surprised that it isn't Jack , guess who.................... oh who am i kidding all of you know and

yes it is , it is zayn 

i got so scared when i saw him but he looked at me with a huge smile on his face like nothing happened last night and chuckled a little bit

" where you sleeping here all night?" he asked me giggling 

i looked at him confused  with a frown on my face , and when he saw that his smile faded away

"whats wrong" he asked 


" are you fucking serious , after all what you did last night , you ask whats wrong" i yelled at him getting angry 

" what happened last night ?" he asked , he had no clue ,but how and of course he is not acting because he is damn bad at it

" zayn you really dont remember ? " i asked raising one eyebrow at him 

and he shook his head still shocked and confused 

" no , please tell me ,i only remember that i got drunk and i don't know what happened then " he said getting really worried 

"zayn , yesterday after you got drunk , i took you to jess and went back to james he asked me what did jess say to me and i said we didn't really talk ,but he looked scary and when he asked me that he asked it in a harsh way , so i got scared and i went to my room, when i went there you were there making out or may i say having sex with jess , i yelled at you and told you to put your clothes on, jess did quickly and ran out of the room embarrassed , but you didn't  ,you came and pushed me to the wall and didn't let me go and you kissed me zayn , ya you did, you said you wont let anyone hurt me but you did  " i said crying but half yelling the last part 

i saw tears rolling down zayn's cheeks " i am so sorry , i swear i would never do that , i was drunk and i didn't know what was i doing" he said crying , i hate it when i see him cry 

i sight and said " ok, zayn stop crying now "

"no , i cant stop blaming my self for what i did " he said and i wrapped my arms around him hugging him tight .

i stood up and took out my hand for him ,he held my hand and stood up 

we walked back to the house in silent , when i got there i thought it would be a mess but it was clean , i guess my dad did , oh poor daddy , i smiled thinking about him 

wait where is james " zayn where is james? " i asked him throwing my self on the bed 



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