painfully in love you

a girl that wants to live her dream, show and make people hear her voice
she goes to the x-factor and guess who does she fall in love with ? of course its one of her bestfriend's mates but who ?
what is going to happen ?
and why did they break up ?
is she and her boyfriend's friend together ?
is she going to marry someone else ?
you will know all of this if you read the story
hope you like it
( i know i am stupid at this ,but whatever)


13. nothing can get between us

Zayn's p.o.v.

"was what i heard right ?" he asked looking at me and Lauren  

"no" i said panicking ,and Lauren was so angry  when i said that, but  what?, i was so scared and i don't want to lose her ,she is the closest person to me since 10 years and i cant cut my friendship with her because of this stupid reason 

"what do you mean by no?" he asked looking at me and i stayed silent 

" that's what i expected " he continued as i also stayed silent , Lauren kicked my leg with her foot

and i groaned

"STOP" she yelled whispering to me

"you stop " her dad yelled and she did as she was told

"zayn , Laura can never ever talk to each other again" her dad said i looked at her and saw tears in her eyes

"dad you cant do this " she said and now she was crying , i felt tears forming in my eyes but i held them back

"dad i've been friends with him since 10 years and you cant do this we are so close " she aid crying harder

"i dont care " he said 

"DAD " she yelled 

"DONT YELL " he yelled , telling her not to yell and yelling 

"listen , if you want me to talk to him or not i will , i will talk to him" she said trying to stop crying

" and since when you talk to me like this ?" he asked

"since you don't want me to talk to my best friend " she said holding my hand leading me out the house 

when we were out i stopped her to apologize "i am so sorry , if i didn't do this stupid thing your dad won't be mad at us " and she nodded "where are we going ?" i asked her 

"to the park " she said not even looking at me, i sight and intertwined my hand with her's ,but she removed her hand , and i felt worried

"Lauren ?" i said

"what " she asked quietly

you don't want to talk to me ?" i asked her stopping were i was

"who said that ?" she asked turning to me 

" you are acting different" i said  

"that doesn't mean i don't want to talk to you, if i didn't want to i would've listened to my dad  " she said with a smirk and i hugged her "that's my Len "  i said hugging her tighter 

when we were there we sat on a wooden chair, i was looking at the boys that are playing basketball, i saw James 

" Lauren isn't that James ?" i asked pointing at him

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