painfully in love you

a girl that wants to live her dream, show and make people hear her voice
she goes to the x-factor and guess who does she fall in love with ? of course its one of her bestfriend's mates but who ?
what is going to happen ?
and why did they break up ?
is she and her boyfriend's friend together ?
is she going to marry someone else ?
you will know all of this if you read the story
hope you like it
( i know i am stupid at this ,but whatever)


3. my crush and Jessie

Zayn,s p.o.v.

" MUM CAN WE GO VISIT LAURAN ?" i asked mum coming downstairs

"my dear they are coming now " she said annoyed 

" mum you don't like them ?" i asked a little worry because if she don't i won't talk to lauran alot and mum will not be friends with her mum

" Nooooo , i love them ,but u ask if we can go there everyday, that's why i am annoyed "  she said smiling at me , oh thanks god she like them

i just said " oh "

i went upstairs running like if someone was following me , i cleaned my room and went downstairs to the kitchen and sat on the chair , "come on come on come on , come on ring the bell ring it " i said to my self ,when i heard the bell rang i ran to the door so fast and opened it smiling at them, 

" HHHEEEYYY " lauran yelled so loudly while hugging me 

" I've had enough" my mum and her mum said at the same time we all started laughing , i took lauren to my room and we started playing ,

and that how it goes everyday

i wish me and lauran will be best friends forever, i thought to myself searching for a place to hide in

**  10 years later **

lauren's p.o.v.

we walked together in the school hallways

" zayn see he is so cute"  i told him ,looking at my crush

" why do all girls like him, like he isn't the cutest or hottest boy in the school" he said annoyed but angrily , i laughed at how pissed off he was 

" someone jealous i see " i said winking at him 

"why would i be jealous of you calling james cute ? ,and i have a girlfriend and i love her"

" you have a girlfriend and you never told me ?" 

" nooo , i dont have a girlfriend i just said that to let you know i don't have any feelings for you" he said all cool 

" stupid , i don,t have feelings for you eather " 

we both started laughing but stopped when we saw the girl that Zayn likes with James

" i swear i am going to beat her up " i said angrily 

" Lauran i have the same feeling that you do i want to beat HIM up " 

" she is the one flirting with him why do you want to beat HIM up" i half yelled at Zayn 

"she wasnt flirting " Zayn said angrily and lift , i sight and followed him but he went to his class, i couldn't go after him

i turned around and saw James and Jessica kissing , my mouth was in a "o" shape now , a boy came infront of me , " close your mouth or something will get inside " he said , i closed my mouth but wait who is that "who are you" i asked him while raising my eyebrows at him 

" of course you don't know me , all of you only know James and no one knows me"

from his voice i knew that he was hurting 

" i am so so so sorry , but really who are you " i said with my hands on both of his shoulders

he huffed and then said " i am John , James's twin brother " my mouth got to the same position as before 

and he giggled , oh he is so cute 

" you look nothing like him " i said with wide eyes looking at each of them 

" ya you think i am ugly ,and he is handsome ,right ?"

"no no no , you are cute and handsome but you don't look alike " i said to him trying to make him feel better 

" thank you , but i have to go to class " he said smiling at me , i nodded , God i always go late to class but i don't care.

i went to class and the teacher didn't say anything about me getting late to class , because she always say that ,and she just ignore me i was going to my place at the back but that stupid Jessica sitting there.

"excuse me , this is my place " i said in a bitchy voice 

" can i please sit here and you set there " she said pointing to the place next to James , i never knew she is nice 

"why isn't he your boyfriend ?" i asked her in my normal voice 

"no "

"but i saw you kissing earlier"

" just please sit there i will tell you later"

" ok " 

i was so exited to sit there but also worried why doesn't she want to sit with him? did he do anything bad to her ?

i sat there and he smiled at me , i was freaking out from inside but i just smiled at him 

the rest of the classes were awkward between us , but when the bell rang ,finally i am going home, i ran out of the class and stood in front of zayn's class room waiting for him to come out 

when he got out of the class he ignored me and walked out of the school 

i sight again and ran after him "Zayn please listen to me " i said still running after him ,

he stopped and looked at me " what ? you fight with me because of a stupid boy you like in school" he yelled at me 

tears started forming in my eye's , because i get so scared when zayn yell at me 

"zayn please , i am so sorry i didn't mean to make you angry i just , you know i got jealous from her " i said between sobs

zayn looked at me and when he saw me crying he came and hugged me so tight , i started crying on his chest , but when i stopped crying i saw James walking towards us, 

" oh and zayn he is not dating Jessie " i whispered to zayn 

" but they were kis--" he was cut off when  i slapped him on his chest 

" ouch what was that for ?"

"James is coming "

when James reached here ,zayn lift 

" hey lauren , i was thin--





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