painfully in love you

a girl that wants to live her dream, show and make people hear her voice
she goes to the x-factor and guess who does she fall in love with ? of course its one of her bestfriend's mates but who ?
what is going to happen ?
and why did they break up ?
is she and her boyfriend's friend together ?
is she going to marry someone else ?
you will know all of this if you read the story
hope you like it
( i know i am stupid at this ,but whatever)


20. moving out

** 5 months later ** (sorry for the skipping)

Lauren's p.o.v.

"finally i am moving out with u  " i said to James smiling , yes me and james are finally going to live together

"yes babe , now u done packing ?" he asked exited 

"yes i am " 

"ok , LETS GO " he yelled , we both laughed and ran out to the car 

"wait , i will talk to my dad ok " i told him running back to the house

"DAD , DADDY " i called out 

" HERE " he yelled from the kitchen , i went there and he was sitting on the chairs eating a sandwich  

 "daddy i am leaving now " i said walking to him

" ya i know " he said not even looking at me

"DAD , can at least have a hug ? " i said whining

"ok , come here" he said wrapping his arms around my shoulders with my head on his chest , i smiled feeling safe 

"Lauren , be careful and take care of your self , if you want anything talk to me , ok ?"

"ok dad dont worry , i'll be okay " i said pulling away

"ok , see ya " he said going back to his sandwich

"ok ok, bye " i said running out to the car


james was sitting in the car smoking , ugh , i hate that , i went and sat inside " JAMES " i yelled making him jump , "WHAT " he yelled confused 

" why r u smoking , how many times do i have to tell you its bad and i HATE IT " i said removing it from his lips and throwing it outside the window 

"why did u do that ? , i wanted it , and you have to get used to it cuz i like it " he said taking out another one

"who do u like more me , or this disgusting cigarette that is killing you ?" i asked half yelling 

"Lauren of coarse i like you more , i love you , but i cant stop doing something i dont want to stop doing " 

"ok , as you like , just can we get there faster " i said to him in a sad tone , i am really sad like i dont want him to get hurt or have diseases and also he still didnt move the car 

"ok , please dont be sad " he said and i didnt replay , 15 minutes later we were there , the house looks nice it looks kinda old , but beautiful , i went inside and there was 2 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms , and the living room is huge

"so what do u think ?" james asked me 

" its nice , which one is our room ?"

" the big one " he said and i didnt reply just walked there without looking at him, i unpacked my stuff and stood up to go look around the house ,

but james pushed me to the wall and crashed his lips on mine , i wanted to push him away but i couldnt , i want to kiss him back , i did , and soon we were making out  , 

" dont be mad at me , i will try to stop it" he said when he let go of me

"james i am not mad at you , i am just worried , cus this thing is dangerous , and i dont want you to get anything bad or get any diseases  , i love you " i said hugging him , he wrapped his arms around my waist , "  i love you more " he said pulling me closer 


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