painfully in love you

a girl that wants to live her dream, show and make people hear her voice
she goes to the x-factor and guess who does she fall in love with ? of course its one of her bestfriend's mates but who ?
what is going to happen ?
and why did they break up ?
is she and her boyfriend's friend together ?
is she going to marry someone else ?
you will know all of this if you read the story
hope you like it
( i know i am stupid at this ,but whatever)


14. James and leanna

Lauren's p.o.v.

"isn't that James ?" Zayn asked pointing  out his figure

i looked to where he is pointing and i saw James he  was playing basketball with some other hot boys 

"ya ,its him " i said smiling  

"go talk to him" he said pushing me slightly by the shoulder

"No i will not let you stay here alone" i said sitting closer to him

"its fine go "

"Ok......... maybe later " i said blushing, zayn shook his head and giggled 

I was staring at him for i don't know how long , 

"bye guys " i heard him say to the boys walking away

"JAMES" i yelled for him to hear me

" uggghh next time tell me you r going to yell" zayn said putting his hands on his ears

james turned around and when he saw me he smiled and walked back to us , but someone blocked the sigh of him by standing in front of me

I looked up and it was a girl , her blue eyes looking down at me with a huge smile on her face 

"you are Lauren Micheal ,right ?" she asked  smiling wider

".............ya....... do i know you from somewhere ?" i asked 

"No , but i do " she said 

"how?" i asked standing in-front of her

"you upload video's on YouTube, you sing with a boy in most of them " she said 

"oh ya ,but that was long time ago, and i sing with zayn "i said pointing at him

"he looks different , hotter "   " i am a big fan of you " she said trying to make me forget what she just said

"ohhh that's so sweet , you are my FIRST FAN " i said between laughter 

"can i have a picture with ya " she asked ,and i nodded

"what's your name ?" i asked her after taking the picture

" i am Leanna Morgan" she said smiling

"nice meeting you " i paused for a second  "what do you thing of BECOMING MY FRIEND ?" i asked her , that would be great because i have no girl-friends and she looks like my type

"REALLY ?" she squealed , i giggled and replayed "YA " i said yelling we exchanged numbers  

and by now James was standing behind her  waiting for me to finish 

"HEY" he yelled in her ear "ahhhhhhh" she cried out moving away , i threw my head back laughing 

"hey james" i said when he got closer to hug me and i hugged him back 

Leanna was smiling at me , when i pulled away i asked her " what ?" 

"nothing , Ur just so cute together" she said , is he my boyfriend , i am not sure if we are together , i just nodded

"len can  i talk to u alone ?" james asked pulling me away from zayn and leanna



"what's wrong " i asked when we were away from them 

" umm i wanted to ask you are we still going out ?" he asked making me smile

"  i really wanted to ask you that question long time ago "

"sooo..........what ?"

'yaa , i think so " i said

"ok , tonight ?" he asked 

"that would be perfect " i said smiling , but my smile fade when i remembered that dad won't let me go out if i went back home

"is there a problem ?" james asked pulling me out of my thoughts 

"no its just i had , a.........kinda...... like a fight ....with my dad , and if i went back home he won't let me go out" i said with a sad tone

"don't let him see you then " he said , i looked up at him asking him "how the fuck can i possibly open the door and go in  without him seeing me ?" i asked raising my eyebrows

"you don't have to go throw the door" he said

"ya, i would jump in from the window" i said sarcastically

   "............that's what i was thinking.............." he said


"ya really why not " he asked

"Because i am not a monkey to climb the house"

"yes you are" some one said behind me ,Zayn.

"what?" i asked him turning around to face him 

"  you climb everything, when we are here in the morning or anytime that there is no people in here, you climb everything even that tall light " he said 

"ok i'll do it " i said sighting , "YES " james yelled

"Do what ?" zayn asked ,and i hit my self on the forehead getting angry of his stupidity 

"ZAYN, SHUT UP " i yelled at him

"what did i do ?" he asked raising his eyebrows walking closer to were james and i just sat

he sat beside and asked again "what are u doing? "

"i am going to climb the tree to my window and jump in change and jump out " i said sighting

"ohhhhhhh...........wait what? ...........why?" he asked

"because of that stupid fight and if i get back home dad won't let me go out"i replied  and he nodded

"were is Leanna ?" i asked zayn

"someone called and she had to leave " he said and i nodded



















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