painfully in love you

a girl that wants to live her dream, show and make people hear her voice
she goes to the x-factor and guess who does she fall in love with ? of course its one of her bestfriend's mates but who ?
what is going to happen ?
and why did they break up ?
is she and her boyfriend's friend together ?
is she going to marry someone else ?
you will know all of this if you read the story
hope you like it
( i know i am stupid at this ,but whatever)


6. 1 year ago

James's p.o.v.

"Wow i never knew she had a huge house like this" i mumbled to myself , i was standing out lauran's huge flat 

i rang the bell twice but no one answered , of course they couldn't hear over the loud music ,

i hate waiting ,

i am calling lauran ,ringing , no one answering i closed my phone and slipped it in my pocket 

i rang the bell again but at the same time someone opened the door 

it was lauran and she was crying " are you okay baby ? " i asked her worried , but she ran to the backyard and i went after her , there was a big pool and couple of people , lauran ran faster throw the bushes , i stopped for a moment but then i went after her 

when i got inside it was like a heaven , it was dark because it is 7:30 but i could see the beautiful green trees , there was a light hanging from one tree beside the running river ,the place is so beautiful 

                          this is the place that Lauran was sitting at but at morning


i followed lauran's crying  ,she was sitting under the tree that has a light ,staring at the river beside her while crying , i went and sat beside her, she looked at me and then turned her face back to the river " why are you crying , it is your 16th birthday you should be happy " i told her trying to get any answer but she just shook her head and said in a really low voice " nothing, and i am 15 now " 

 "i am 17............ but seriously ? nothing? of course there is something ,you are crying so hard , on your birthday and now you ran away from your birthday party, and it is nothing ? " i half yelled getting angry

" j-j-james  y-you wouldnt un-n-derstand " she managed to take the words out here mouth crying harder

" of course i'll understand baby" 

Lauran's p.o.v.

" of course i'll understand baby " he said to me while kissing me on the forehead 

today is the worst day in my life ,but in a way it is the first day in my life

 i hate crying like this ,but what can i do if two people i love ,died at the same day i was born 

last year , the same day as today, zayn made me a surprise party in his house ,mum , oliver , Erien and jack wasn't there ,zayn invited them after the party started , erien didnt want to come because she had a big fight with me and zayn couple days before it, when mum , oliver and jack were on there way to the party , they had a huge car accident

jack survived but he lost so much blood , me and zayn have the same blood type as him so we gave him lots of blood

mum and Oliver passed away that day and that is why it is the worst day in my life

i loved my mum so much she was my whole life and i told her once if she died before me i would kill myself

but i didnt ,because i know there is people who cares about  me out-there and if everyone would kill there self's because someone they love died everyone would be died by now , 

and i miss my brother he was like my bestfriend , my boyfriend , my dad and everything ,me and oliver were so close , i loved him

i said everything to james and now i am crying with my face in his chest him brushing his fingers through my hair i couldn't cry anymore i lost all my tears ,the whole time i didn't look up at him 

" do you want to go back inside " i asked him trying to sound happy, finally looking at him 

" if you want to " he said and i can hear from his voice that he was holding back tears

i managed to give him a small smile and he smiled back at me , we walked back inside


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