"The Founders says that the world has been reborn. There has been life here before us, but life we never speak about. We are born into the belief that the world is a better place now."


3. Water

My name is Anahita and it means goddess of the waters, in an old language, which existed in the previous world, but I am usually just known by the name Ana. As said I am a child of the water, which automatically makes me a part of the water creatures. We are a handful of different species such as the merfolk, selkies, sirens and the naiads. I myself belong to the merfolk and we are known as the workers in our sea-creatures-society. The majority of the water creatures are also the merfolk, then naiads, on a third the sirens and at last we have the selkies, which are the rare ones.

  In my community the naiads have the highest social status and they are being considered as some kind of goddesses, but also jealous creatures, who presides over fountains, wells, springs, streams and other bodies kind of bodies of fresh water, which is also why we don’t see them that often in the more open seas.

    Then we have the sirens or the witches, as we call them. Rumors says, that back in the old days, when the world wasn’t destroyed yet, the sirens were known as dangerous, but beautiful creatures who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting voices to shipwreck among rocks in the sea.

   You are not in doubt when you see, or hear, a siren. As mentioned before both their look and voice are beautiful, but yet they seem and sound so sweet and sad. They are really mysterious and they live in low water level areas, normally around rocks. It is very unusual we see them alone, since they usually swim in groups on a minimum of three sirens.

    Selkies are the rarest water creatures. They are also the creatures who fascinates me the most. I have only seen one throughout my whole life and it seemed miserable. The Selkies are some of the only creatures, which actually believe in love, but here, love is not a thing. Selkies are also the only water-creatures, who can transform from a water-creature; they are seals, to an actual human being – the ones who lived in the previous world.

   Maleselkies is said to be very handsome and seductive to human women, who are dissatisfied with their life. If they want to make contact, they woman have to shed seven tears into the sea. When it comes to femaleselkies, they are said to make a good wife, but they will be longing after the sea, since it is their home. If she finds her skin, while she is a human, she will be able to return to her true home and sometimes also her real selkiehusband. So, in general stories and rumors concerning selkies are romantic tragedies, and maybe that’s what’s interests me, because it is something we don’t feel, love.


Everybody knows the merfolk as half human – half fish creatures. We are one of the creatures who are the closest to be an actual human being as well. As said we are known as workers and it is also us who provides the other elements with some of the seas resources. Because of that, some of us, when we turn nineteen sidus, will get the opportunity to transform from a mermaid or merman to a human being and back, so we can interact with creatures from the other elements sectors.

   I turn nineteen sidus tomorrow.

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