"The Founders says that the world has been reborn. There has been life here before us, but life we never speak about. We are born into the belief that the world is a better place now."


4. Mirror

I look myself in the mirror every morning. It is not because I want to look presentable, but I just do it because I think it is interesting: The thought of never have seen my own face scares me. Do I see myself as everybody else does – do I perceive myself differently?

   This morning I studied myself for longer. Today was the day I turn nineteen sidus. Even though I haven’t changed since yesterday, I still do feel different. I feel more grown up and responsible, and it that somehow scares me. An unknown feeling of unrest keeps occurring in my stomach. This day is different from other sidus days, because today the Heads of our elements are going to choose the Communicators: Four young merman and mermaids are chosen within the different districts. It will be their job to communicate with the other Communicators from the other elements. It is a very important area of responsibility, since it plays an important role in keeping order and balance between the elements.

 I glance myself in the mirror for one last time before leaving for the election.  What I see is a girl with long chestnut colored hair, floating in the water. Her eyes are yellow and big, and her skin tone is as pale as the moonlight.  The girl in the mirror is me. “You want to become one of them,” I said to myself in a low voice. I watched the reflection of myself move her full coral colored lips.


 When I left the white coral hut that morning the feeling of unrest in my stomach was turned into a big growling hole. It felt like it took me forever to get to the center of my district.

   I live on the open sea, where the primary field of work is within farming. That’s basically to collect seaweed, which is used as nourishment and healing. Seaweed is one of the seas greatest goods as well as clams and pearls. It is also the Communicators of each district job to make sure that the trading system runs smoothly – as far as I know the demand on things from the sea is growing and more mermen and mermaids are starting to move to the open sea. I understand why. Even though there isn't much of a difference between the open sea and the center of the district, I still prefer the open sea. It is more peaceful and less tumult. Whereas in the center it is the opposite. There are more different kinds of sea creatures in the center of the district than on the open sea. I like the idea of being different and "not everyone being the same," but the center just doesn't please me as well as the open sea, which gives me the sense of adventure and excitement. 

This is also why I want to become a part of the Communicators - I want to explore; I want to know what's out there. 


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