"The Founders says that the world has been reborn. There has been life here before us, but life we never speak about. We are born into the belief that the world is a better place now."


2. Creation

We are children of the elements, which means we don’t have relatives as such. New children are born every year on Sidus night. Sidus night is once a year, when the moon and stars are shining the brightest they can and hereby giving life and energy to new creatures, us.

   Usually creatures start forming four weeks before Sidus night.  While they still are fetuses they are a part of their given elements nature: The children who are born into the air sector is small air particles and sometimes, when it is windy, you can hear them sing. The children who are born into the earth section is the greenest leafs you see on the trees and the children who are born into the fire section is the small ones you never notice, but they are always there making you feel comfortable and warm, and then there is me. I am a child of the water. The four weeks before Sidus night I was a bubble floating around in the water level. I can’t remember anything from that time, but I have seen other fetuses grow and it’s a beautiful sight. 


As said we don't have any relatives, but we all consider each other as family and friends within the sector. 

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