Kill me with one look

Taylor moves to L.A to start a new life and a new school it went well till 5 boys
Arrived and Taylor's life and world turned upside down can she fix it or is it to late?


5. The secret Harry kept

Harry and I have been dating since last Friday and today is Thursday so almost a week Harry

was sweet and kind and gental but I think he's scared of Kate because every time Kate comes past he snogs me and when she leaves he said sorry Taylor I said its fine when really it was amazing no has ever kissed me like that before it I liked it not likes loved it that was AMAZING

i asked Harry if there is something he's not telling me and when I ask him that he always goes and and lies I know he's lieing I have 6 brothers so I can always tell and I can tell he was lieing.

But then Harry took me to his house and told me Kate was making me and him go out! And that she also made Liam date her and the rest of them date each other! 

Harry said shes a devil from hell so we called the rest of the (so called gang) and they said the same thing they did like each other now but they didn't want to be pressurised into something this fast.

i said let's get revenge on Kate because she's the biggest bitch that walked this planet! And they all agreed.

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