Kill me with one look

Taylor moves to L.A to start a new life and a new school it went well till 5 boys
Arrived and Taylor's life and world turned upside down can she fix it or is it to late?


6. Reveng is very sweet

Me, Liam,Harry and the rest (of the gang) were ready to get revenge and we did we confronted her and told her but she didn't listen so we told the whole schoo her secret and her secret was... 

Taylor said "listen up Kate here has a big secret she wonts everyone to know Kate here is a virgin" everyone laughed and she ran off crying!

then the next day Taylor didn't show for school. When the rest of us (not Kate) got to Megan's house Megan got. Call from Taylor's mum saying Taylor is In hospital!

when we got there no one was there and the doctor came in a said Taylor was hot by a car! We all knew who it was and we told the doctor and it turns out it was true and Kate went to prison but for kids, Taylor was fine nothing magor and when Taylor was out Taylor and Harry started to date without getting pressured to date and so did the others.

and everyone but Kate lived a better life!

thank you I hope you enjoyed this fanfiction I wil be making another soon byeXxxx 

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