Kill me with one look

Taylor moves to L.A to start a new life and a new school it went well till 5 boys
Arrived and Taylor's life and world turned upside down can she fix it or is it to late?


1. My life before I move

"Taylor" mum scremed  yes Taylor said get your ass down here right now! Ok mum I said 

Get down right now!!!! You have to go to school dumb ass to learn as your dumb as a pig!

I ran downstairs scared if I don't hurry up my twat Stepmum will beat me so a ran down before it was to late. When I got down I went to the kitchen and then my step mum started to be nice to me and I was confused and scared because she might hit me or beat me then I realised my father came home because he forgot his house keys and she hugged me and kissed me on the head when my dad came in. Dad said "Taylor why you not leaving for school?" I said "I'm just going to leave but mum was saying goodbye" I didn't ever tell my dad that his twat girlfriend Rebecca beats me and hurts me and threatens she will kill me because he's in love again since mum died. Then dad told me to enjoy today because its your last day here in England. I looked at dad and said "yes I know don't reminded me" I only had 4 friends and they were 3 girls and I boy but he's gay! I said goodbye and with tears in my eyes I left school forever! I'm so sad:(

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