Kill me with one look

Taylor moves to L.A to start a new life and a new school it went well till 5 boys
Arrived and Taylor's life and world turned upside down can she fix it or is it to late?


2. Moving

I had to get up at 2am to move to L.A I got up and as always dad was up and my so called Step mother was half naked asleep on the bloody bed! "Lazy git" I thought in my head. 

Dad said "Taylor leave your mother to sleep" I thought how come she gets to sleep and I don't well we know who's dads favourite at the moment my dad said he would never dare again when my mum died. My mother got shot in a hit and run I miss her a lot but she wouldn't have died if I moved out of the way because the man who shot my mum wanted to shot me but mum moved in frount of me to save my life and she died right in my arms! 

When the "lazy git" got up and dressed and had her second bowl of cornflakes we left to go to the airport and my friends were there and we had to leave to get on the plane so I said goodbye they gave me gifts and we flew out of sight of my friends and the whole airport and we got to L.A after a 2 day flight because it got delaid for ages. 

After 2 days dad said Taylor  you have to go to school tomorow.

I said "ok dad" because I finally got away from becky the evil sent from hell!!!!

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