Kill me with one look

Taylor moves to L.A to start a new life and a new school it went well till 5 boys
Arrived and Taylor's life and world turned upside down can she fix it or is it to late?


3. First day at school

I got up at 6am got into the school uniform witch I think is pervey because the girls skirts 

are really really short you can't make it longer and you can see your ass and the boys ccan see everything to and the T.shirt was a tank top which is really weird and you can see your bra to!

it was 8am so I left and when I went the girls looked tardy and they were like half naked but I suppose I was wearing the same thing when I got there no one looked at me and there was 3 girls who were like the popular ones there and they came over and pushed. I didn't fall but I turned around and said or to be fair I screamed OI do you mind.

oh sorry darling the said and they knew I was the to be fair "new kid"

and thought they could make something good out of this but they didn't and said "Hey hang out with us if you won't" and the other girls who was with the "Main girl" their Jews dropped. 

The she said I'm Kate that girl with the red hair is Megan the girl with the really blonde hair is Saffron and the girl with the red hair with blonde bits is Lucy! And you are? Oh sorry I'm Taylor!

Well hey Taylor do you like the uniform? She asked "No" I said

then 5 boys walked in and they came over our way they took Kate saffron Lucy and Megan's hand and Kate told me to follow. 


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