A kitten called Liam

Liam left this cruel world the sad thing is that he left me here all alone with no one to hold all he left me was his last words and a kitten


2. Work

I got up streaching and walking into the bathroom then I got into the shower and rinsed down my body. After a nice shower u got into my work uniform and gave Liam some food after my tea I left so I grabbed my purse and walked down the street the exact same street that me and Liam would walk down when we went for an afternoon stroll. When I arrived at work I started taking the orders for Nando's then Niall walked in looking as gorgeous as usual "hi Hannah what's up" he said like he always did we talked a lot and got along good "urm nothing much and how about you how's that new girl of yours doing" he suddenly looked sad "Payton dumped me It turned out all she wanted was the money I found her sleeping with another dude"I felt so bad now "hey Niall it ok she wasn't worth your love" thanks" it's ok" he looked at his watch " hey I've gotta go but I'll see you tomorrow k bye" "bye" I said taking more orders. After work I went home a Liam was sitting on the couch looking at me "what did you do" I said looking around the house then I found it a dead mouse on the bathroom floor gross 

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