A kitten called Liam

Liam left this cruel world the sad thing is that he left me here all alone with no one to hold all he left me was his last words and a kitten


1. Just a dream

He uncovered me eyes letting the sun hit my face I blinked a few times to get my vision back when I did I saw a lovely picnic set up on top of a hill in the middle of the meadow on top of the hill was a apple tree it was to good to be true as if I was in wonderland. "Liam it's it's it's amazing " I stammered as he held my hands in his "come on baby I've gotta show you the view"he said leading me up the hill when we got to the top we could see all over the meadow it was beautiful "it's prefect" I whispered as he rapped  his arms around my waist "good because I've got something to tell you" he said as I turned around then he got down on one knee "Hannah summer rose I've loved you since I laid eyes on you you are my everything and I think about you day and night will you do me the oner and become mrs Payne" I shot up "YES YES I WILL" I said hugging him then BEEP BEEP BEEP my alarm woke me from my dream omg I thought I wasn't going to have that dream anymore I mumbled walking to the kitchen to be bombarded by meows from Liam my cat that my Liam left me I love it to pieces. Oh yeah your probably wondering who I am I'm Hannah Payne I was Liam's wife before the car accident so yeah life's pretty lonely me and my cat live in a small apartment they said I couldn't have pets in the building but I'm not losing the one thing I have left of Liam so that's me.


sorry for the real short chapter I hoped u guys liked it if I get 2 likes I will make another chapter

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