Everything Has Changed

I'm Nicole. Only child with just me and my mom. I hardly know a thing about my father. And my life is normal. That is until my father (A boy from one direction's father) all the sudden wants to be my father again. And things will never be the same because Everything Has Changed.


2. Niall

I got in my fathers car. "Okay so tonight we will stay at a hotel and tomorrow we will be on our way" he said as he started the car. I nodded. We drove to a hotel. We got off and walked in. "Umm about your br-"he started to say but five guys came running toward us.

Niall's Pro.

"Where's your dad?" Zayn asked Liam.

"I don't know? I think he's out somewhere?" Liam said. 

"Oh" Zayn said. Liam looked down at his phone.

"He's here and he's got a surprise?" Liam said eyebrows up.

We walked down ad saw him with a girl. We ran up to him. "Hey"Louis said smiling.

"Hey" Zayn and Liam said. But harry looked straight at the girl. "Hello Love" he smiled. "Hi" he smiled.

"Hey" I smile to her. I wonder if she knew I was blushing. She was so pretty. She had light brown hair. Her smile was perfect and pretty. She has dimples. She has hazel beautiful eyes.

"Liam can I talk to you?" his dad said. 

"Yeah sure" Liam said and they walked off to the side. They started talking and then I could hear Liam say loudly "She's my sister!"

His dad nodded. They came back to the group. "So your my sister?" he asked her. "Wait..I have a b-brother?" she asked surprised.

Her eyes watered but shined beautifully. Liam nodded. She hugged him. "I can't believe I have a brother" she said. "I can't believe I have a sister" he said.

"Anyone hungry?" I asked smiling. Everyone shook their head. Except for her. "I am" she said smiling wiping her tears. "Imma go out..wanna come?" I asked smiling. Trying not to blush so much.

"Yeah I'd love to go with you" she smiled. We started walking. "See you later" she said turning to everyone. 

We walked out to my car. We got in. "Im sorry I wa crying back there" she said still wiping her tears. "No it's okay" I smiled starting the car. 

"It's just...I don't know I started out with just my mom...and now I have a dad and a brother" she smiled. "No I understand..and I'm happy for you" I smiled. "Thank you...what's your name?" she asked.

"Oh I'm Niall. What about you?" I asked. "I'm Nicole" she smiled. That beautiful dimpled smile was back. Finally we were there. We got out and walked in. We ordered and sat down. Nicole was beautiful and sweet. But would Niall mind if I asked her out foreal?

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