Everything Has Changed

I'm Nicole. Only child with just me and my mom. I hardly know a thing about my father. And my life is normal. That is until my father (A boy from one direction's father) all the sudden wants to be my father again. And things will never be the same because Everything Has Changed.


1. My father

Finally school was over. I drove back to my house. I walked in and put my keys down by the counter. "Hey sweetie" my mother said from the kitchen. "Hey mom" I said.

"Sweetie...come in here please" she said.

Why was she calling me sweetie all the sudden?

"Okay?" I said as I walked over to the kitchen. My mom was standing there with another man. "Hello.." he said smiling. "Um hi" I said confused.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Nicole...I'm your father" the man said.

"My f-father?" I asked stunned.

"Yes sweetie your father" he said. My eyes watered. I hugged him tight. 

"Dad! I have a dad!" I said.

"Sweetie..your mother said that you could come and live with me for a while.." he said.


"London" he said.

"What?!" I asked surprised "For reals?"

He nodded. "Oh my god! I can't believe it" I smiled. I hugged him again.

"Wait so what's my last name?" I asked.

"Payne" he smiled.

Nicole Payne. I smiled. I loved the sound of that.


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