Whats Underneath

*Trigger warning.*
He was just the nerd at school that nobody ever talked to. She was probably the most popular girl in school. When Cheyenne Stevens found out she was failing Math and was assigned a tutor she didn't argue. Marcel was a complete nerd but she didn't mind. She liked him and that's all the mattered. When she found out what was happening to him he asked her to change him. When peoples outside become pretty their insides become ugly. And that's just what happened.


2. Chapter 2.

 I hitched a ride with my brother,Tyler. He's a senior so we don't talk much at school. He's not that bad of a brother either. From age 10 he basically raised me. My mom was always working considering no other parent was helping us financially. She does what she needs to give us what we need.

I stared out the window of the truck.I could see my reflection in the glass. My hair was perfectly curled for once.

 It didn't take long to get to school but Tyler wanted to get some breakfast. "You have something to put over that right?" He said motioning to my shirt. I was showing a decent amount cleavage plus the fact that it was a cropped shirt. "No,Whats wrong with it?" 

He sighed." Chey...I don't want the boys looking at you. Especially that  asshole Trenton." I sucked in my lips. "He doesn't bother me that much anymore. I think he's with someone else now." Me and Trenton were on and off in sophomore year and in the the beginning of this year but we broke up because he's a complete douche bag.

We pulled up to Starbucks. "I'll be back in a minute." Tyler said and walked into the cafe. I think its funny he already knew what I wanted considering the fact we've become caffeine feigns.

My phone vibrated. "Speak of the devil..." I said. Trenton texted me. 

Trenton: Whats up? Need a ride to school?

I ignored it. I don't want to get into boy trouble again. I need to focus on school work not a stupid boy. About five minutes later Tyler came back. "Here is yours. He handed me a little bag and my coffee. I looked in the bag to my surprise it was a little bowl of blueberry oatmeal.  It smelt amazing. 

"I thought you'd be hungry." We quickly ate our breakfast and drove off to school. 

"Trenton texted me.."  Tyler groaned. "Of course he would. That hormonal asshole hops from girl to girl. What did he say?" I giggled and read the message,"Whats up? Need a ride to school?" 

Tyler shook his head."No asshole I drive my sister to school."I smiled. I liked how protective my brother was. I liked our relationship.

We got to school 10 minutes before the bell was going to ring. I walked to my locker and grabbed my stuff. I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Marcel. I smiled,"Hey! Whats up?" He smiled back and looked down. 

"Uh...d-did you finish that last problem? On the homework?" I nodded and took out the paper from my bag. "I had a little trouble with it but I'm confident I did it right." He skimmed through the page and nodded. "Its right." My eyes grew bigger." No way." He smiled,"Good job. I guess this tutoring is helping." I grabbed my books and closed my locker. "Yeah! Your coming today right?" He blushed."I-If you want me to.." I shrugged. "Why wouldn't I?" He clutched his books and pulled them to his chest. 

I looked behind Marcel and saw Trenton walking towards us. "Lets go to class..." I said to Marcel and we started to walk the other direction. 

"Chey!" I heard someone say behind us. "Just keep walking.." I whispered. "Chey!" He was now next to me. He pulled me to the side and pressed me against the lockers. "I was calling for you." He said. I tried looking away from him. "Why didn't you answer any of my texts?" 

I shrugged."I have better things to do than answer you." He looked over at Marcel who was waiting for me. "What are you looking at?" Marcel's lip shook in fear. 

"We were walking to class together." I answered. He chuckled. "What are you dating a nerd now?" I pushed him off of me." He's my friend." He laughed harder. "Wow..You're hilarious babe." I scoffed and grabbed Marcel. I hated him. I hated boys.

Lunch came by and I wasn't very hungry. I got myself a bottle of water and a salad. I sat with my friends Eva and Raven and their boyfriends. Raven gets a new one pretty much every week so I can't really remember his name. Eva's boyfriend,Chris, I didn't know well.  

"So I heard that your hanging with Marcel?" Eva said. Eva was one of my best girlfriends though we haven't talked much since Chris came along. "Ew! Why?" Raven shouted. I sighed. "He helps me with math that's all. Besides he's nice."  Raven oh'd. "Someone has a crush!" I shot her a dirty look. "No I don't, I've only known the boy a day!" They chuckled. "I'm just kidding." Raven said.

I looked around the Lunch room and saw Marcel sitting with a couple other people. They were all laughing. He does have friends. "Hey, Chey!" I looked back over at Raven. "Can you go get me a bottle of water I forgot to get one." She handed me a dollar. I walked over to the vending machine filled with many different types of drinks. I inserted the dollar and punched in the code for water. Out popped the little water bottle. I picked it up and walked back when I bumped into someone. 

"Oh so-" I saw Trenton standing in front of me. I rolled my eyes and tried to go around him. "Excuse me." I spat. He crossed his arms. "Why do you hang around with that dork anyway?" I sighed. "I needed help with my math he said he'd help.End of discussion." He wouldn't let me get past. "I see the way he looks at you. He was looking at your boobs earlier." I leaned against the machine. "So do you." He looked down at my chest." Kind of hard not to.." I squinted my eyes at him. 

"So he's a bad person for looking at me but its ok when you do it?" He chuckled."Well yeah, were a thing remember?" He said putting his hand on the machine trapping me. "No. We dated before and never again." I pushed past him and went back to my seat. 

"I see you were talking to Trenton..." Eva said. I didn't answer. He made me so angry.

(Chapter 2 :DD I really like my plot to this story and I hope you guys will too! I'll see you next chapter.)

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